Dear Sir,  The purpose in writing is to relate my using GO2 and in appreciation of the wonderful results.

In the year of 2008 I was feeling very much my elderly self, 78 years of age.  Tired, listless, no energy. Everything I tried to do required a super special effort on my part to achieve the simplest tasks – such as using the vacuum cleaner, or putting out the washing on the clothes line.

Then I discovered GO2: my way of life changed! – changed for the better.

I am no longer easily fatigued.

Daily morning walks are a pleasure returned.

House chores are easily managed.

A bright happy person am I – once again enjoying my days – all due to the daily intake of GO2.

Also my wife has welcomed the changed “me” from a tired, complaining, grumpy old man with a television addiction – now a husband who is happy, active, pleasant and pleasing. WOW, how about that?

Now in 2015, now 84 years old, still receiving the benefits of GO2.  Thanks again GO2.