I especially noticed the improved cardio that was huge.

I have been in fitness for around 12 years and I have been training as a body
builder for 8-9 years. Most of my training involves around pure strength and
size development. I have not set myself asa supplement-dependent person for
most of the years of my training. I have moved with the ‘as little as possible’
mindset. This mentality helped me to understand and get the most out of the
supplements that I used over time. Obviously protein has been an
unmistakeable element. However there have been times where I have used
creatine as a boost.
When I was introduced to the GO2 product, I used it on a 6 weekly cycle. The
results were surprisingly positive and impressive. I especially noticed the
improved cardio that was huge. When training, due to increased oxygen levels,
delayed lactic acid meant giving that extra 1 or 2 more push before you come to
a stop. (we all know that when training the last few reps are what counts the
I continued using this product regularly. In the mornings, before training and
after training every day, even on off days. What I found clearly was, when
taken regularly on a daily basis, the benefits improve and it becomes more than
just another supplement and becomes a part of your daily routine. Using GO2
consistently keeps my training at a higher level.
Further to this I have also done a little experiment of my own. Every body
builder knows about the effects of using creatine when training heavily. During
the phase of creatine, I have continued using GO2 before the creatine and the
results were unbelievable. The improvement of creatine was more intense and
effective and I had such a huge jump on my training. Immediately I was
increasing the weights and getting more repetitions. Also with all this
improvement I was still carrying so little lactic acid build up on muscles that
even after a 2.5hr training I was comfortable and not as beat up as I would
I would suggest for any body builders to give it a go and take this product
seriously. When you see the results yourself you will be as hooked as I am.
If you want that extra push that we all crave and want it in a most natural and
safe way, include GO2 before and after your training. The results are too great
to avoid.