I have been trialing GO2 since August 2018 when I was first introduced to it. In the 8 months since then I have completed three Ultra distance running events, a 100km trail race where I reduced my time from the previous year by 10 hours, a 50km race and a 12hour event where I achieved a distance of 64.2km.
The specific benefits I feel I get from GO2 are my leg muscles seem to go further before they start to tire and I do not suffer from cramping and my recovery time has been reduced.
The results that I have enjoyed from using this supplement have been such that I will be using it to help me achieve the challenge I have undertaken with Project 75. This is to complete 1000km of ultra distance events in my 75th year which will include 2×100 mile events 2x 100km events a 500km trail race and 2x 50km events.
Though it will be a challenge to achieve this I am sure GO2 Oxygen Supplement will continue to improve my performance.

Catch up with Robert and his progress with Project 75 (running 1,000km in ultra long distance races in his 75th year). https://www.mojorunners.com