Sunday was an incredibly busy day for me, with 12 guests to consult. This is happening one after another until 6:30pm and usually wipes me out. I am high energy, not many can keep my pace. I space my work as a rule, as I can overdo things, and then I am wiped out. I took 5 ml of GO2 Oxygen in the morning, and 5ml before lunch and at 7pm I wasn’t wiped out. My assistant also took a dose and also experienced similar results.

Barbara O’Neill
Health Director, Lecturer, Author, Nutritionist

Barbara has a true gift of healing. She is a popular national and international health educator, with the ability to make complex health principles simple. With much life experience in caring for children and adults, she is able to understand your particular needs with a caring and confident manner, and educate you in the way to optimum health. Visit her website at