What is GO2 Nutritional Oxygen?

GO2 is a nutritional liquid that is highly concentrated with bio-available Oxygen - that is, Oxygen that the body can easily absorb and use.   It increases the Oxygen level in the bloodstream to help meet the body's energy needs.

GO2 contains 100% natural ingredients: de-ionised water, unrefined Atlantic Sea salt (a very small amount – GO2 easily meets the requirements for low-salt products) and at least 150,000 parts per million di-atomic oxygen (15% volume-to-volume) at manufacture.

Easy to Use
Simply add 5 to 10 mL (one or two teaspoons) of GO2 to a glass of water or juice.   Up to 20mL may be taken for heavy workouts or sports, or to counter the effects of a big night out.   Full absorption takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

Some users may initially experience a cleansing or detoxification response, or a slight 'ice cream' headache (too much energy).  If so, halve the amount then gradually resume full amount.

For best results GO2 should be taken on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before or two hours after food.   Alternatively, for super-fast absorption GO2 may be taken neat and held in the mouth for about 30 seconds before consuming to allow for absorption under the tongue.

GO2 may be taken 2-4 times daily as desired.   Any GO2 that is surplus to the body's requirements will simply pass through – it's not possible to overdose.  Use GO2 consistently as part of your daily dietary regime to achieve best results.  Guidelines for Getting the Best Results from GO2.

Your safety
GO2 is colourless, non-toxic, hypo allergenic, and completely safe to use as directed with no toxicity for humans or animals.

It is pH balanced to a slightly alkaline state which is beneficial to the body.   This is an important distinction between GO2 and many other oxygen products that use outdated technology which relies on a reaction with acid in the stomach to release oxygen, and may be potentially harmful.   GO2 contains intact Oxygen molecules ready for immediate absorption.

Athletes can be 100% confident that GO2 contains No Banned Substances.

Why should GO2 be your FIRST choice?
Because Oxygen is the primary consideration when it comes to Your Nutrition.  It is the key that unlocks your body's metabolism. NONE of the nutrients and energy contained in the other foods and drinks you consume can be released and used without Oxygen.

So if you're maximizing your body's oxygen-efficiency with GO2, you won't need to resort much to sugar-heavy, caffeine-rich, stimulant-loaded 'energy products' – IF AT ALL.  GO2 has none of these ingredients – and NO calories, so it's not adding to your body's workload at all, just providing the powerful drive that enables you to get the job done!

Turn your favourite drink into a Natural Energy drink, WITHOUT adding any:

* Sugar * Caffeine * Stimulants *

or even any Calories!

Simply add a little GO2 to any non-aerated drink, even coffee or tea.


- relaxed, calm energy anywhere, anytime' - with NO spike or crash



"I was given a bottle of GO2 to try and I LOVE it!   I have never felt anything that strongly before after only using it for a week!  Wonderful!   Please send by express post.... I CAN'T WAIT months and months for the ship".

Tania, Norfolk Island

"Since taking GO2 I have amazed myself with the results I have achieved.  My stamina and endurance have improved significantly. I am breaking my personal bests". 

Hector, NSW

"After one day I noticed a difference in my breathing and the second day, “Wow!” I could breathe almost normally and even talk without getting breathless. I am 80 years old".

Sheila, NSW



Excellent hydration is important for supporting the flow of oxygen throughout the body.  Learn about the hydration benefits of Alkaline Water at the site of industry leader Alkaway - used & recommended by us here at GO2.

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