GO2 Pet & Vet – When You Want Your Pets to Enjoy Their Best Life

As an Animal Lover, you know that when your best friend is happy, healthy and full of life, your own spirits are lifted too.  Lots of GO2 customers share their GO2 with their pets – with outstanding results for dogs, cats, horses and birds.   And trainers of competitive horses and greyhounds, even camels and pigeons, have reported that the extra oxygen is extremely beneficial.

So now we offer animals their own version of GO2, called GO2 Pet & Vet.  It has the same high oxygen concentration as GO2 for human use, but is specifically labelled for administration to animals.  It may be simply added to the water bowl for small pets, or is easily delivered direct to larger animals by plastic syringe directly into the animal’s mouth.

GO2 Pet & Vet – for TRUE Quality of Life

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GO2 Pet & Vet is a dietary supplement for use in situations where the animal’s oxygen levels may be low. Animals that have lost their get up and go or are not in peak condition may be experiencing low oxygen levels. As an animal ages its body’s ability to utilise respiratory oxygen declines, so supplementing oxygen with GO2 Pet & Vet is a safe, natural, affordable way to help your pet live its best life.

It contains only natural ingredients, is non-toxic, pH balanced and is completely free of chemicals or toxins.


Feeding instructions for dogs, cats and small pets:

Amount – 2ml per 5kg or part thereof bodyweight, once daily.

Place appropriate amount of GO2 Pet & Vet in empty water bowl and add approx. 10 times that amount of water.  Make sure it is all consumed before refilling the bowl with fresh water.

Alternatively, to avoid spillage/wastage, it may be given neat into the animal’s mouth using a plastic syringe.

Note: For best results, give GO2 Pet & Vet when there is only a minimal amount of food in the animal’s stomach and restrict food for 30 minutes afterwards.