Welcome!   Here at GO2 Life we’re proud to support Rankin Salinas and his Cape to Cape Cocky Run project. Rankin’s goal is to raise $10,000 for Nature Conservation Margaret River Region’s Black Cockatoo Conservation Program. Our unique nutritional products are ideal not just for athletes looking for next level performance and recovery, but for anyone seeking to live an enhanced, more energised life! Please browse our site and if you decide to buy use coupon code COCKY and we will make a donation towards the Cocky Run’s goal.

Rankin tried out our products and here are his comments:

“GO2 Life products are great!  They have definitely been beneficial.  I notice that when I take the Liquid Oxygen I feel alert and motivated.  I just feel good.  So it’s been really useful in getting myself out the door.  Also I feel more relaxed on my run which makes it easier to get into my rhythm.

H2 BOOM! works well in conjunction with the oxygen for long runs.  I use the Liquid Minerals to fortify my shakes or juice.  I haven’t skipped a training day since starting to use these products!”

Will our products work for You?

On this site you’ll find many genuine testimonials from champion athletes to everyday people. Of course we all function the same way as athletes, it’s just that some of us go better than others. Super-fit athletes see benefits from our products the first time they use them, so imagine how much more scope for improvement we mere mortals have! If you do any kind of sport or fitness (at any level or age), or often feel fatigued, stressed or below par, or simply want to be more active and get more out of life, you owe it to yourself to find out more about this unique approach.

Your body’s physical and mental wellness, performance and recovery rely on its trillions of cells being able to function effectively. Modern lifestyle issues such as pollution, chemicals, processed foods, smoke and alcohol can compromise natural cell function and hold you back. Three key factors are essential for optimum cell function: oxygenation, hydration and nourishment. Each of our products addresses one of these factors and we believe each is the best available in its class. Used individually, they are excellent, together they are totally next level.

  1. Oxygenation: Our flagship product, GO2 Liquid Oxygen (Aussie made), has often been described as a gamechanger. Just add a capful or two (serious athletes use a bit more) to water or any non-fizzy drink to create a natural energy drink. It works within minutes and lasts hours, with no ‘crash’ effects, unlike artificial caffeine/stimulant energy sources. This is bio-available oxygen at the cellular level to power you through a workout or a busy day or night. You probably think you get enough oxygen by breathing – we did once! In reality the body’s oxygen levels fluctuate through the day whenever it faces a challenge. Supplementing helps overcome such shortages. This becomes even more significant as we age, because our body’s ability to process oxygen reduces by about 1% a year, we gradually slow down and our quality of life may diminish.
  2. Hydration: Our H2 Boom Molecular Hydrogen delivers ultimate hydration. The trillions of tiny hydrogen molecules are super antioxidants, cleansing your cells and further supporting your body’s ability to create natural energy. Add one or two of these magnesium-based tablets to water and drink promptly once dissolved.
  3. Nourishment: GO2 Liquid Minerals is a rich array of plant-derived minerals, extracted using a chemical-free process from ancient deposits far below the surface. They are organic and fully chelated, which means they’re quick and easy for the body to absorb at the cell level. Our body loses minerals, especially when we’re physically active, and it can’t create minerals so they must be replenished. Most foods these days are mineral depleted due to intense production methods and mineral products are often synthetic and hard for the body to utilise. This isn’t the case with GO2 Minerals, which also contains a high level of naturally-occurring Fulvic acid, which is being revealed as remarkably beneficial for cellular health.

Please browse our site to find out more.  We’re always here to help you get the most out of our products to suit your requirements. Feel free to email us at info@go2life.com.au or if you’d prefer to chat call Terry on 0402 361 255 anytime. If you miss me leave a message and I’ll get back to you directly.

If you’d like to stick your toe in the water, we suggest starting with some GO2 Liquid Oxygen. If you’d like to go “all in” get our Triple Stack, get on the protocol, and experience all three products working in synergy. All Australian orders are post free.

Thank you for your attention.

Disclaimer: Our products are nutritional. The information on this website is of a general nature and is provided for educational purposes only. It is not intended for use in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical condition. Any health concerns should be addressed with a qualified health care professional.