Many things we consume can overload our metabolic and digestive systems, and demand lots of Oxygen to process. For example:

Heavily processed and junk foods (many containing preservatives, toxins and chemicals), Sugary Drinks, Alcohol and Smoking

To cope with this overload Oxygen is diverted from other uses like energy production, brain function, and immune system support – so lethargy and fatigue naturally occur. This can mean that people don’t have the energy or inclination to do much exercise, which compounds the problem. Fitness experts encourage us to exercise because it stimulates Oxygen flow, enabling the body to burn calories, revitalize and feel great.

Your Living Environment

You’re probably exposed to environmental pollutants and toxins on a daily basis – like car exhaust fumes, passive smoking, pesticides, heavy metals, smog, out-gassed toxins from indoor carpets and furniture. All those chemicals and pollutants rob your body of much-needed oxygen and can clog up & poison your system. Oxygen cleanses the blood, so optimum Oxygen levels in your body help you to efficiently eliminate these wastes.

What Can You Do?

The more Oxygen you can process, the more good things your body can do with it, so if you can feed yourself more Oxygen simply, safely and conveniently, why wouldn’t you? GO2 allows you to oxygenate your body beyond its usual level.

As with most dietary decisions, consistent daily use of GO2 delivers the most rewarding results. The desired outcome is long term Quality of Life, so it’s well worth discovering the benefits of a great Oxygen flow early – and sticking with it. Give Your Body Every Chance… Take Action NOW and Enjoy Life!

GO2 Premium Oxygen Supplement – Supports Optimal Performance & Recovery


On the average, we lose our ability to carry and transport oxygen by about 1% per year after our twenties.  Knowing this, it’s no coincidence that brain function reduces faster as we age.  If your bloodstream isn’t carrying enough oxygen to your brain, and your brain, as a result, ceases to function at it’s optimal efficiency, potentially significant problems may arise. The better your brain’s oxygen supply, the greater its opportunity to function at its best.

“Extra oxygen has been shown to enhance mental performance and memory recall in healthy active adults in several clinical studies”

Dr. Andrew Scholey, Division of Psychology, University of Northumbria

The GO2 sure-fire Big Night Out Strategy:

It’s a Scientific Fact: Your body must use Oxygen to break down & remove alcohol, so Feeling Good Faster is simple: Boost Your Body’s Oxygen level with GO2.  

Have you ever wondered why alcohol affects the human body the way it does?  One key reason is that alcohol displaces oxygen in the bloodstream. That means as you take on alcohol, less and less Oxygen is reaching the brain, so its ability to function properly is reduced.  Although the brain is only about 2% of your body, it uses up over 20% of the Oxygen you consume. 

So, why does it take so long to come good after a big night?  Well, your body uses three Oxygen molecules to break down every alcohol molecule – first into acetaldehyde, then into water and carbon dioxide.  Since your body’s Oxygen levels have been lowered by the alcohol clogging your bloodstream, this is a very slow and torturous process for You.

What if you could bounce back fast after every Big Night;  be out doing things you enjoy instead of curled up feeling the worse for wear;  go to work next morning with a smile?


Fatigue can be a real problem in confined areas where there is stagnant, polluted or recycled air – including most office buildings, factories, nightlife venues, education facilities and public transport vehicles. Your body’s not getting the quality or quantity of oxygen it needs to be at its best, and some of its oxygen resources are being diverted to metabolise the toxins it’s taking in from the poor quality air.

If you have a sedentary job and/or do repetitive tasks, or stare at a screen for most of the day then you’re not getting exercise to stimulate oxygen flow in your body. This is why we’re encouraged to take frequent short breaks – and why drivers, especially long distance – are particularly vulnerable. No wonder then that your brain, with its very high demand for oxygen, can easily start to tire and slow down. This can lead to lethargy, lack of focus and poor decision-making.

The next time you are completely stressed out, or just worn out, try some GO2 and just see how your body responds. We’re confident that you will love what you feel!

GO2 Premium Oxygen Supplement – Supports Optimal Performance & Recovery



Whether you’re travelling for business, pleasure or sport there are THREE HUGE RISKS that can wreck your trip:

  1. You pick up a bug that takes days to recover from.
  2. Travel fatigue disrupts your sleeping pattern, energy levels and performance.
  3. Your body can’t keep up with the all the action and activities you’ve planned, so you end up not getting the best results or value from your trip.

GO2 offers a NATURAL, COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION to all three risks:


If you’re a frequent flyer, flight crew member, business person or professional sportsperson,you can’t afford not to know about this…

The main reason you are at risk is the environment in which you’re travelling.  It starts at the airport, where you are mixing with lots of people.  Any one of them may be carrying bacteria or viruses that can be transmitted to YOU through the air or on surfaces they touch.  On a plane at altitude, your likelihood of picking up one of these bugs is much greater.  Not only is stale, potentially-contaminated air being continually recycled, the air pressure is a lot lower than at ground level.  This means that less oxygen is available to you, and you are more susceptible to travel fatigue and to attack by bacteria and viruses (which thrive in low-oxygen environments).