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Most of us have times when we could do with a bit more ‘get up and go’, don’t we?  Whether it’s at work, home or play, the physical and mental strain can often wear us out and drain our energy levels

We would like to introduce to you a different way of bringing out your natural energy and vitality – without loading you up with sugar, caffeine and stimulants like many ‘artificial’ energy products..

Our product, GO2, is used and highly recommended by 2015 World’s Fittest Mum, Aussie Denae Brown, and other top athletes including 2015 Australia/Pacific fittest guy, Khan Porter.

Read their testimonials (in their own words) here.

But GO2 isn’t just for athletes, it’s for anyone looking for a lift in their daily quality of life.

What’s different about GO2?  Any sports scientist will tell you that the key to maximising energy, endurance and mental focus is the volume of oxygen your body can utilise (they call this your VO2). Only oxygen unlocks the ‘potential’ energy in any food and drinks we consume, converting it into energy the body can actually use.

The fitter you are, the higher your VO2 and the more energy you have. If you’re unfit, stressed out, under the weather, your VO2 will be down and so will your energy levels. As we get older our VO2 gradually diminishes (around 1% a year from about age 30) and we get slower and slower, get out of breath easier, and our speed, strength and activity levels decline.  No matter what your age or fitness level, oxygen plays a vital role in helping you be the best you can be.

GO2 is a liquid containing a very high concentration of oxygen, that supplements the body’s oxygen resources. This is not just like breathing a bit more oxygen, the oxygen is actually part of the liquid, not a gas.  GO2 contains only natural ingredients and is simple and safe to use, being non-toxic and pH balanced. One 250ml bottle contains 25-50 typical serves (5-10mls).

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GO2 is a premium product at a down-to-earth price. It’s only available direct from us, not in the shops, which means we can give you great value. We don’t know of a better oxygen supplement worldwide, however a similar, weaker strength product is sold in the USA for more than three times the price of GO2.

Like most things that are good for you, GO2 doesn’t taste great – a bit like pool water – which is why we suggest adding it to water or the non-aerated drink of your choice.  People don’t use it for the taste, they use it because it works!

Kind regards,

Terry Kelly – Founder, GO2 Life