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“I was on 4hrs sleep, 490kms of running in my legs and picking up speed. People honestly couldn’t believe it, including myself.”

I steered clear of supplements for most of my life, other than a bit of proteins back when I was in my early 20s and some BCAAs and a few other things about 10 years ago. A few years ago I started pushing my limits entering ultra distance running events. I had heard of @go2oxygen from a woman @krysty_davies I coached that won the 24hr obstacle Aussie titles, then after meeting with them and as skeptical as I am I decided to try their products for myself. What got my attention more were the health benefits that I was being told directly my peers were experiencing. Other than the fact that I also had an upcoming 555km race through the Himalayas. After some research I knew it would be worth trying. During my race I crossed 5 peaks above 5350m, and ran for 5 days straight with only about 40% sea level oxygen. I heavily got into the main supplement ‘premium liquid oxygen’ after day 2 where my support team handed it to me every 5kms to take a swig. And with that I was running 4-5 minutes per km for long sections of the last 12hrs. There I was on 4hrs sleep, 6hr down time, almost pulled out with a sore knee, 490kms of running in my legs and picking up speed. People honestly couldn’t believe it, including myself. Now there may have been a few factors helping me crush the end of the race where I overtook the 2 runners in front of me and then increased my lead, walked the last 10kms, finished 3.5hrs ahead of 2nd place after always leaving each major check point 3hrs behind them. That’s 6-8hrs time I made, 480kms into a race, in the final stages. But I have to give credit where it’s due and I believe this helped my body incredibly, combined with top support, my drive and endurance. ALL gave my body or mind or both the push I needed GO2 Game Plan used for my recovery (and still do daily) right until my next event ONLY 3 weeks later, Again to come away with 1st place at the 102km Lycian way in Turkey. INCREDIBLE I wish I had tried this sooner. But now I’m one of many elites that use these amazing supps.

Jason Reardon World Champion OCR and ultramarathon athlete and coach

“I was stoked to win by 17 minutes!”

I enjoyed the benefits of GO2 Oxygen as a professional cyclist. Now my focus is on triathlon and running. Two weeks out from the Isle of Man marathon I was ready to quit due to illness. Then my GO2 Game Plan arrived and I got on it straight away. I was stoked to not only compete but win by 17 minutes!

Christian Varley Isle of Man Triathlon and Marathon Champion

“My leg muscles seem to go further before they start to tire”

In the 8 months that I have been using GO2 Oxygen I have completed three Ultra distance running events, a 100km trail race where I reduced my time from the previous year by 10 hours, a 50km race and a 12hour event where I achieved a distance of 64.2km.

The specific benefits I feel I get from GO2 Oxygen are my leg muscles seem to go further before they start to tire and I do not suffer from cramping and my recovery time has been reduced.

The results that I have enjoyed from using this supplement have been such that I am sure GO2 Oxygen will continue to improve my performance.

Robert Dickison 75YO Ultra Distance Runner

“My training and recovery is excellent”

I’ve been using GO2 Oxygen regularly and I feel great. My training and recovery is excellent and I have been able to compete at my best

Victoria Mitchell Dual Olympian and Australian Champion, steeplechaser and distance runner

“I was amazed to beat last year’s time for 10,000m by 1 minute 40s.”

I used GO2 Oxygen for the first time at the Canberra 10,000m and was amazed to beat last year’s time by 1 minute 40s. At this age I expect my times to be going in the other direction and it felt great to be turning back the clock.

Basil 60+YO Distance Runner


“The benefits that I have seen have been nothing short of amazing.”

Two months ago I was invited to have a trial run of GO2 Oxygen. As a way of background I have been successful at several different sports in my life and raced at the elite level in triathlons in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I am now the Director of LSDsports elite age group triathlon squad and I am also the Director of Coaching at the Xtreme Triathlon Club. Over the past few years I had been suffering from various injuries but most recently had been severely affected by severe breathing issues and raised heart rates…being well above normal. This was causing some considerable issues with my own training and I had sought medical advice and was put on a Ventolin pump.

I started the GO2 trial after 3 months of these issues and can report the following personal results:
– I have found that after the initial 2 weeks I stopped using my Ventolin pump as I had no requirement for it anymore.

– My training was becoming a lot more frequent and I was able to be very consistent due to not suffering from extreme fatigue.

– My energy levels are consistently higher. This became especially prevalent as I raised my consumption of GO2, to be both before and after every training session as well as just before bed.

– I was able to hold my “numbers and zones” whilst training with ease.

– Over this 3 month period I have lost 11kgs in weight due to my ability to train consistently and recover quicker between sessions.

This is very important as I train between 1-4 sessions per day with total weekly volumes being 15-22 hours. My training is made up of both volume and intensity. This is all good but as I tell all my athletes, “the numbers never lie”. Over the last 8 weeks I was stepping up both my intensity and volume leading up to my first race of the season, which is a half ironman. Five weeks ago I went out for my 24km long run with a view to keeping my heart rate in high zone 3.This was rather than being time/pace specific as I had just come off a 5 hour and very hilly ride the day before. The great news was I did a 6 minute:15 second PB, stayed in HR zone 3 {HR zone 5 is my Lactic Threshold pace} the entire way and actually my heart beat 1843 beats less than the last time I did a PB for this run which was set 9 months earlier. Since then I have taken a further 2 minutes off this new PB whilst staying in the same HR zone and my swimming and bike riding has also improved dramatically. It’s pretty basic when we think about it. Our bodies love and thrive on oxygen and as sports people the faster and longer that we can move within our Lactic Thresholds the better we perform. Also during training the faster we can recover the better we can perform in the next prescribed training session. For me it was also about consistency and not suffering serious fatigue due to ill health etc. Since starting the GO2 trial I can safely say that I am hooked on the product and the benefits that I have felt. For the record I am not a medical doctor but I am a committed coach and athlete who analyses all my athletes and my numbers and the benefits that I have seen have been nothing short of amazing.

Tony K CEO LSDsports

“I was able to maintain a higher level of intensity for longer periods & with less distress.”

As a competitive Triathlete, I was immediately interested when I discovered GO2 Oxygen as this was a way to get more oxygen into my bloodstream by simply consuming a small amount of liquid containing all natural ingredients. I found that taking 20ml approximately 30min prior to intense training or racing I was able to maintain a higher level of intensity for longer periods & with less distress. I also take 10ml each morning for general health. I have been a long-term user of GO2 with much satisfaction – It’s got to be one of the best legal performance aids out there!

Steve P Australian Triathlon National Team Age Group Representative

“I slept better and ran harder. Simple”

I powered this stuff down like a monster sometimes 3 times a day. GO2 Oxygen was awesome, I have come off a really good block. I noticed big improvements in week 3 and 4 of this product. Overall, GO2 helped my recovery and endurance. I slept better and ran harder. Simple

Jamie W Elite Triathlete

“Feeling better recovered to perform each session”

While on GO2 Oxygen I managed an excellent block of training. I put this down to generally feeling better recovered to perform each session to the best of my ability and also performing well outside of my sport

While training using GO2 Natalie improved her 20km run by 3 min 20 sec.

Natalie S Australian Age Group Triathlon Champion

“I’m getting this performance level with a lot less training”

The times I have been posting are really surprising. Some days I feel that I’m not really trying my best but the times are what I would normally see later in the season when the training ramps up. So my perceived exertion is less but my times are way better than I would normally expect at this time. What surprises me is that I’m getting this performance level with a lot less training than I would normally to see these kind of results

Phil G Ironman Triathlete

“I did Ironman Melbourne with GO2 Oxygen in every bottle and felt great all day”

It’s amazing after a break from GO2 Oxygen to realise just how impressive it is. I did Ironman Melbourne on the weekend with GO2 Oxygen in every bottle and felt great all day, along with the few weeks prior.

Dara J Ironman Triathlete


“I find that my breathing is more controlled during extreme exercise”

I have been taking GO2 Oxygen for several years now and i find it very beneficial in my training and also for recovery and general well being. it is made from all natural ingredients and is sugar free and very low in salt.

I find that my breathing is more controlled during extreme exercise and under heavy training loads and I find that it helps me in my recovery as well.

Eddie Salas Olympian, Multiple Australian Road Cycling Champion, 2x Gold World Masters Champion

“Using GO2 Oxygen I can ride back up at those high VO2 efforts for longer”

Having used GO2 Oxygen for the racing season my health and performance has improved noticeably from previous years. I just turned 40 so keeping a healthy lifestyle is very important to me.
The biggest thing I’ve struggled with over the past couple years is the high intensity work, and using GO2 Oxygen has improved my breathing at that level. Whereas I was getting into oxygen debt earlier in previous years, now using GO2 Oxygen I can ride back up at those high VO2 efforts for longer again.

Another benefit I’ve found is having less colds. I always suffered with colds, having at least 3 a year, but so far this year I’ve been free of them. That for me is a first.

Andrew Roche High Performance Cycling Coach. Six time Commonwealth Games representative

“I was able to perform at levels I had not experienced before.”

After looking for that bit extra to help my performance in cycling I was introduced to GO2 Oxygen only a few weeks from the Victorian time trial title. On competition day I was able to perform at levels I had not experienced before. At times when I would be struggling, I was going better. After this experience I looked to GO2 for my training to help recovery and perform better efforts in training, which helped me reach the podium at the Australian national time trial. I believe GO2 has given me the extra edge in competition and training, and to know the product is drug free makes it even better.

David P Australian National Cycling Road Series Champion

“I can operate at 6-8 beats HR higher”

I have noticed an improved performance at track training since I’ve been taking GO2 Oxygen. I was really pushing it and my legs were screaming with the efforts, but I was still able to maintain the cadence and repeat the efforts after a rest period. Recovery and well-being is noticeable using GO2. I have been able to sleep better after late night training and I feel more relaxed and happy. After taking GO2 for nearly three weeks I can report that across the across the board the benefits have been
that I can operate at 6-8 beats HR higher, feel much more relaxed, able to sleep better and feel more invigorated. I am not experiencing the energy
spikes/mood problems when hard training.

Jayson A World Masters Cycling Record Holder

“Improved recovery between each effort.”

I use GO2 Oxygen pre and post workout to help me recover for the following day. The benefit I’ve felt is at the end of each effort I feel slightly less out of breath with improved recovery between each effort. This has enabled me to train harder, with benefits down the line. I believe the main benefits GO2 has given me are in the heavy training sessions, particularly those working to overload. I have seen improvements in recovery between exercises (when taken pre-workout), improved recovery (post workout) and when taken at night before sleep, improved depth of sleep.

Neil P World Masters Sprint Cycle Champion

“Nothing I’ve ever tried has had such an immediate effect as GO2 Oxygen.”

As a professional cyclist I have access to all the latest products, but nothing I’ve ever tried has had such an immediate effect as GO2 Oxygen.

HR Professional Cyclist


“Krysty won the True Grit 24 hour event by 1.5 hours when using GO2 Oxygen!”

I’ve used GO2 Oxygen when training and competing in 24 hour OCR events and I think it’s great!

Krysty D True Grit 24 hour endurance champion

“Noticeable and easily increased breathing capacity”

I found taking GO2 Oxygen prior to a big workout I could feel a noticeable difference in performance during the session. I have also noticed my runs easier and faster if taking the product prior. Recently I took it before a 5km run and had a new PB even though I hadn’t run for quite a few months. The big thing? Is noticeable and easily increased breathing capacity, allowing me to do more, push harder, and recover faster. There are no silly side effects or “buzz” feeling. It’s just increased capacity. Definitely a product to try. As it’s natural there are no highs or lows, just results. I am a big believer it is a useful product for all sports, recovery and everyday life.

Tiffany N Endurance athlete


“From the first day I was feeling more alertness and less fatigue”

Always looking for ways to maximise my performance levels I stumbled across GO2 Oxygen, a natural product designed to help optimise the oxygen levels in your body. I started using GO2 Oxygen two weeks before the Schwartz’s Challenge. From the first day I was feeling more alertness and less fatigue, and through the first week found myself hitting some really great results in training. I found not only did GO2 Oxygen give me the boost on endurance workouts it also assisted in my strength performance and aided in recovery after training, including sleeping well. Heading into Schwartz’s I was feeling awesome and was able to stay consistently strong through all the events to come away with the win. Stoked with my placings for the five Sunday events – 1,2,2,1,1. Using GO2 Oxygen in my experience has brought out the best in my performances and makes it an ideal and unique fitness product. I use it not only for training, but also during long haul flights and on those days when I would usually feel run down juggling a busy schedule of training as an athlete and being a mum, I find it helps me get through my days with much more clarity and vigor. I’m a Massive Fan!

Denae Brown elite CrossFit athlete & coach, former No 1 Australian Region

“My breathing seemed effortless”

Always skeptical of supps that seem too good to be true, I won’t lie, when I was told about GO2 Oxygen it was tough not to roll my eyes. HOWEVER, hung over and tired after a big weekend, I decided I could use all the help I could get to grind through a solid Metcon of rowing, doubles and burpees. I took a massive gulp** of GO2 Oxygen held it in my mouth for about 30 seconds and swallowed. 15 minutes or so later I started my workout. I was blown away. My breathing seemed effortless and every breath seemed to bring life to my previously shattered body – I actually felt better during the workout after GO2 Oxygen than I had before it. I’ve continued to take GO2 almost daily before my Metcon and truly believe it has helped my breathing and aerobic capacity significantly. I highly recommend it.

Khan Porter No 1 Australian Region 2015, Multiple World CrossFit Games athlete, Owner and coach at CrossFit Play.

“I experienced a ‘second gear’”

I was introduced to GO2 Oxygen by Denae Brown at the Schwartz’s Challenge and felt an instant improvement in my endurance to get through the weekend. Taking GO2 Oxygen prior to training I experienced a ‘second gear’, and an ability to keep going. As a part of my regular training routine I use GO2 oxygen to help me to find a mental clarity and ability to push mid-workout, and it aids my recovery. I highly recommend this product.

Amy Dracup elite CrossFit athlete, former No 1 Australian Region

“It has allowed me to train at a higher intensity easier & more often.”

I have been experimenting with GO2 Oxygen over the past couple of months, both in my pre workout and post workout nutrition. It has allowed me to train at a higher intensity easier and more often. I’m recovering from my workout faster and looking forward to training the next day.

But the biggest improvement I have experienced is in my general feeling of well being, having a seven month old, running a business and training on top of that, I was constantly feeling beaten up but since adding GO2 Oxygen to my daily routine I’m better able to stay on top of things.

Chris Hogan elite CrossFit athlete & coach, former No 1 Australian Region

“My recovery has been awesome!”

Since taking GO2 Oxygen my recovery has been awesome! Whether it’s short, sharp workouts, long workouts, or strength, it has helped in all departments.

Haydn Wolfsbauer CrossFit Regional athlete, fitness coach

“Significant changes in my energy levels and overall alertness.”

I began taking GO2 Oxygen before training and noticed significant changes in my energy levels and overall alertness. I felt more switched on, especially during technical lifts such as snatch and clean & jerk. I would strongly recommend this to athletes looking to improve performance.

Alice Tucker CrossFit Regional athlete

“It served me well in terms of recovery.”

Instantly I felt like I had an extra bit of life late in workouts and it served me well in terms of recovery. I live in the hottest, most humid place in Australia and lose a lot in the heat throughout the day. GO2 Oxygen replenishes oxygen levels and aids in recovery as more oxygen can reach the blood and muscles sooner, therefore advancing the recovery process. I would strongly recommend GO2 Oxygen to anyone looking to enhance their work output and recovery.

Samantha Drescher CrossFit Regional athlete

“We have found your product to be amazing in more ways than one.”

My husband and I love GO2 Oxygen. We run a business, have two young children, we love to keep strong and fit by crossfitting most days. I also part time coach Crossfit as well as coaching my son’s rugby league team. We are a busy family and have found your product to be amazing in more ways than one. Whether it’s in the morning before a busy start to the day, when we are feeling flat or before a heavy workout it’s been terrific.

SK CrossFit Athlete

“I have noticed a huge increase in work capacity”

As a professional bodybuilder competing at the IFBB Mens Physique Olympia in 2015, and more recently placing 9th at the WBFF words as a muscle model pro I am well versed in all things in the supplement world. I currently also am crossing codes to pursue some powerlifting so maximizing performance and recovery is something I always look to progress. As a leading nutritionist, I look at research and try things to see how they will assist not only myself but my client’s progress. I have noticed a huge increase in work capacity using GO2 Oxygen, my breathing and recovery between sets is effortless, My stamina in the gym is endless. I honestly feel I have unlocked another gear in myself using this product!

Jake Campus IFBB Athlete and Nutritionist

“High performance throughout my entire system”

GO2 is my secret weapon. For someone on the go, brain function and reduced stress is paramount. I couldn’t put a price on it. And not just the improved brain function, but high performance throughout my entire system. My body is operating at maximized health 24/7. For those who have purchased a training or nutrition program from myself. You would know of this little beauty. For those who haven’t experienced life with it in your system. It’s time to. Sleep better, train harder for longer, fix hangovers and live longer. What’s not to like?

Scott Evennett Former Commando, Bodybuilder, Motivational Speaker

“I especially noticed the improved cardio that was huge.”

I have been in fitness for around 12 years and I have been training as a body
builder for 8-9 years. Most of my training involves around pure strength and size development. I have not set myself as a supplement-dependent person for most of the years of my training. I have moved with the ‘as little as possible’ mindset. This mentality helped me to understand and get the most out of the supplements that I used over time. Obviously protein has been an unmistakeable element. However there have been times where I have used creatine as a boost.

When I was introduced to GO2 Oxygen, I used it on a 6 weekly cycle. The
results were surprisingly positive and impressive. I especially noticed the
improved cardio that was huge. When training, due to increased oxygen levels,
delayed lactic acid meant giving that extra 1 or 2 more push before you come to
a stop. (we all know that the last few reps are what counts the most).

I continued using this product regularly. In the mornings, before training and
after training every day, even on off days. What I found clearly was, when
taken regularly on a daily basis, the benefits improve and it becomes more than
just another supplement and becomes a part of your daily routine. Using GO2 Oxygen consistently keeps my training at a higher level.

Further to this I have also done a little experiment of my own. Every body
builder knows about the effects of using creatine when training heavily. During
the phase of creatine, I have continued using GO2 Oxygen before the creatine and the results were unbelievable. The improvement of creatine was more intense and
effective and I had such a huge jump on my training. Immediately I was
increasing the weights and getting more repetitions. Also with all this
improvement I was still carrying so little lactic acid build up on muscles that
even after a 2.5hr training I was comfortable and not as beat up as I would

I would suggest for any body builders to give it a go and take this product
seriously. When you see the results yourself you will be as hooked as I am.
If you want that extra push that we all crave and want it in a most natural and
safe way, include GO2 Oxygen before and after your training. The results are too great to avoid.

Burc Kantoglu Body builder, Personal trainer

“I take GO2 Oxygen between each lift to off-set fatigue and help concentration.”

I began using GO2 Oxygen 18 months ago, taking it before and after training. In competition I take GO2 Oxygen between each lift to off-set fatigue and help concentration. During off-season training I take GO2 Oxygen to aid recovery after heavy training sessions and to aid sleep. I would recommend GO2 Oxygen to all serious sports men and women. You need to discover it before your competitors do.

Lee Marshall Multiple World Powerlifting Champion

“GO2 Oxygen keeps me at the top of my game”

As an extremely busy individual GO2 Oxygen is my priority use of supplementation in my training, competitions and daily work life. I avoid caffeine and strong pre-workout stimulants as I want a true natural alternative. GO2 Oxygen keeps me at the top of my

I’ve been a long time user of GO2 and I thank GO2 Life for having such an amazing product on the market.

Thomas Bermingham 4x Australian Powerlifting Champion, 7x Australian Benchpress Champion, Australian Record Holder

“Significant increases in my performance, energy levels and most importantly recovery”

As I started undertaking a demanding training regime, recovery and optimal performance became paramount. I found initially my recovery and energy levels between workouts were seriously impeding my performance. Then I started using GO2 Oxygen. I was initially hesitant on the impact it would make…how wrong I would be. I was in complete awe of the results and I have never looked back since. GO2 Oxygen allows me to perform both mentally and physically at my peak each and every day. I have witnessed significant increases in my performance, energy levels and most importantly recovery. Whether it’s pre workout, intra workout, post workout or throughout the day GO2 Oxygen is my ‘Go To’ juice to unlocking high performance. I would recommend this product to anybody seeking to taking both their fitness and everyday life to a new benchmark.

Sam D. Fitness Fanatic


“I’ve really felt the increase in my endurance”

I am a long term user of GO2 Life products and I strongly recommend them.
They are great for people of any fitness level and age. I’ve really felt the increase in my endurance and overall performance. Clean and healthy!!

Kris Terzievski Current Australian and Australasian Heavyweight Boxing Champion

“Incredible endurance”

I’ve found that the GO2 Game Plan gives incredible endurance to my fighters.

“I have the Australian champion, an international champion, all African champion, Pan Pacific champion. The level they’ve gone to is nothing less than dramatic.”

“I couldn’t recommend these products highly enough to anybody that wants to go into any sporting contest. If you want that extra edge, use these products.

Ray Giles Coach of Champions

“Improved energy levels and accelerated recovery”

At Kings Academy we have always been at the cutting edge of recovery protocols. To complement our modalities we stock the best supplements available – the full GO2 Game Plan – Oxygen, Hydrogen and Minerals/Fulvic Acid. I use GO2 products personally to assist with improved energy levels and accelerated recovery.

Elvis Sinosic UFC Veteran, Coach, Owner Kings Academy & UFC Gym

“I was able to keep up with the 20 and 30 year olds in training”

I have been using GO2 Oxygen for several years. While I was in my late 60’s as a senior karate instructor, my colleagues used to be very surprised that I was able to keep up with the 20 and 30 year olds in training. I wasn’t surprised – it was the GO2 Oxygen.

Now that I’m retired and in my 70s I still use GO2 Oxygen on a daily basis. It keeps me alert, fresh, mobile and able to keep up with any exercise regimes I participate in. I am enjoying life and I don’t feel like I am a senior citizen. Give GO2 Oxygen a go! You won’t regret it.

Ron R Shotokan Karate Sensei


“The numbers don’t lie”

As for the GO2 Oxygen… I think it’s bloody awesome! I saw my GPS numbers jump way up, in particular my high speed meters and number of accelerations. The numbers don’t lie so definitely going to continue using the product!”
After forgetting to reorder: “I’ve definitely noticed the difference in how I feel not having Oxygen to take before training!

Jordan S International Rugby Union Player

“It has taken my work capacity to another level”

The GO2 Game Plan has been a game changer for my recovery as I recover quicker between sessions, which has increased my ability to handle more training volume.

It has also improved my rugby performance as it has taken my work capacity to another level.

Michael C International Rugby Union Player