While GO2 Pet & Vet is new to the Australian equine community, it has a very successful track record in the UK under a different brand name. That brand has become highly successful since its launch several years ago, and is endorsed and recommended by leading professionals in the equine field. You can read their reviews here. By the way, all of that product sold in the UK and now also in the Middle East, is made here in Australia at the GO2 manufacturing facility.

GO2 is a nutritional liquid made of 100% natural ingredients. It’s administered directly into the horse’s throat by syringe or drenching gun. Within just a few minutes, GO2’s high concentration of oxygen replenishes oxygen levels in the blood.

The method and speed with which GO2 enriches the animal with oxygen is what sets it apart from any other product you’re likely to have used. It helps you quickly bring out the best in your horse, supporting all the key areas such as calmness & concentration, fitness, performance and recovery, to conditioning, wellbeing and ageing well. The reason GO2 is so versatile and successful, is that it is simply making more oxygen available for the horse’s body to naturally use for whatever is its greatest priority at that time. There are no known side effects and GO2 meets all FEI and WADA requirements.

GO2 Pet & Vet- Supports  Peak Performance & Recovery



Many situations are potentially stressful for a horse. Travelling, crowds, traffic, adverse weather, shoeing, vet visits, competition, or simply riding. When an animal gets stressed its demand for oxygen increases. Even a small depletion of oxygen levels can quickly lead to undesired behaviour. In times of competition this issue can be magnified due to the need for the body to also supply more and more oxygen to the working muscles, and the resulting impact on performance can be very significant if the horse doesn’t have sufficient oxygen.

Traditional calming products provide very useful ingredients such as magnesium or herbs but they don’t directly supply the most important nutrient, oxygen. We are not aware of any product that even comes close to GO2 regarding oxygen delivery.  With GO2 there is no requirement for an active ingredient to be built up in the system for it to be effective. A simple shot of GO2 can be given a few minutes before you want it to work, so you have excellent control in any situation. Additional shots may be given every 2-3 hours as required.

GO2 is not a sedative, so there’s no dulling of the senses. In fact oxygen is essential for mental focus so GO2 is ideal for use prior to dressage training and competition. It’s suitable for riders of all levels, naturally allowing the horse to settle and relax, and listen attentively with less tension or uptight behaviour.

Fitness, Performance and Recovery

To ensure optimum oxygen levels to support relaxed energy, endurance and recovery for competition, it’s best to use GO2 daily in conjunction with training work in the lead up to the event. Use 50-75mls before strenuous sessions to quickly build excellent depth of fitness. Oxygen is vital to maintaining stamina. When oxygen levels are inadequate, this leads to muscle fatigue and the production of lactic acid, which may adversely affect performance.

Additional oxygen allows the horse to cope more easily with exertion, so you’re likely to notice that the recovery process afterwards is less laboured. Giving a further shot of GO2 immediately afterwards helps replenish oxygen lost during exertion. It is great for an event horse or competition horse in continuous work.

Conditioning, Wellbeing and Benefits for Older Horses

A consistent supply of clean, oxygen rich blood flowing throughout the body is vital to every horse’s condition and wellbeing.

Oxygen extracts the nutrients from food and supplements, and delivers them to all the cells. It regulates all the metabolic processes, such as energy production, digestion and the immune system. It supports the proper functioning of all the organs, including the cleansing powerhouses, the liver and kidneys.

Unfortunately the horse’s oxygen flow may easily be compromised due to issues such as poor diet, blood contamination and/or the natural ageing process.

When there’s not enough oxygen to go around, the areas that tend to miss out most are those that are hardest for the oxygen to reach, such as the hooves, the joints, the skin and deep cell tissue.

The animal can quickly lose condition and energy levels and its zest for life and this can take a long time to restore, especially in an older horse.

Giving your horse GO2 daily replenishes oxygen to help re-balance the horse’s internal environment. This is very important, because all the beneficial organisms in the body are aerobic, and they flourish in a well oxygenated environment. Conversely, most harmful organisms are anaerobic, which means they can’t thrive in high levels of oxygen.

So the more efficiently the horse’s metabolism is functioning, the more effectively it utilizes all the nutrients in the system. This provides the basis for more dynamic natural energy and vitality, a healthy appetite, a more settled and relaxed temperament, and a noticeably enhanced quality of life.

If you have a much-loved horse that is showing the signs of ageing, it is very likely that the animal’s oxygen levels are depleted and its metabolism is in need of reinvigoration.  In such cases, a daily serve of GO2 Pet & Vet (say 50mls) will help replenish oxygen levels consistently. If the horse is particularly rundown, it’s fine to give GO2 twice daily if you like.  If possible, try and do it when the stomach is quite empty, but if not, do it anyway.

You should soon find the horse is looking for its squirt of oxygen as it will be appreciating the benefits. After the first litre or two, the goal should be to feed them a daily maintenance amount of 25mls. If you’re giving GO2 to a pony or a Clydesdale, simply adjust the amount to match the animal’s size.

At the end of the day, GO2 is all about helping your horse enjoy an excellent quality of life, especially as it ages, and also helping you get more pleasure out of their company for as long as possible.