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General Wellness & Vitality

  • Use body size as a general guide to the appropriate serving to use: Small (up to 60kg): 5-10mL; Medium (60-80kg): 10-15mL; Large (80kg+): 15-20mL.
  • Best taken on an empty stomach if possible
  • GO2 may be added to a glass of water, or if you want to neutralize the taste (see note 1) entirely, add to the non-aerated drink of your choice and drink immediately. May also be taken neat if desired, for fastest absorption.
  • Any GO2 that is surplus to the body’s requirements simply passes through.


  • One serving 15-30 minutes before starting.
  • May be replenished at half time during football or similar sports.
  • A further serve may be taken immediately after a grueling session to boost recovery.
  • For distance sports such as triathlon, cycling, golf, etc GO2 may be replenished 2-3 hourly or added to water bottle.
  • For extreme or pro sport, up to 30ml may be taken. You can’t overdose, but any additional benefits from taking more than 30ml at one time are unlikely.
  • Bodybuilders: if using supplements such as creatine take GO2 15-30 minutes prior.


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Big Night Out

  • May be taken before a night out to help enjoy yourself to the max.
  • If you over-indulge with alcohol take a large serving in a glass of water last thing before sleep and again when you wake.
  • If you forget the night before, take 2 x 20mL servings in the morning, 30 minutes apart.


  • Take GO2 to support mental concentration for study, computer work, business meetings, etc.
  • Take GO2 when you are doing shift work, heavy manual work, spending a long time on your feet, long distance driving, etc.

Air Travel

  • To combat low in-flight oxygen levels and fight the fatigue of jetlag, put some GO2 in a 100mL or less bottle so you can take it in the cabin. Take 5-10mL before flying, every 3 hours or so during the flight & immediately afterwards.
  • Use as normal during your holiday.


  1. GO2 has a unique taste similar to swimming pool water. Don’t be put off by this, GO2 contains nothing harmful. The taste is derived from the chloride in the Atlantic Sea salt during manufacture and may vary from batch to batch. As yet we have been unable to lose the taste without also losing the high oxygen concentration that makes GO2 so special.
  2. Some users may initially experience a slight ‘detox response’ due to the cleansing effect of GO2’s oxygen. In this event, reduce the amount and gradually re-build to the desired amount.
  3. Keep GO2 in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Fridge is best, but room temp is fine.
  4. GO2 may discolour some fabrics, so take care not to spill. Close cap tightly and keep bottle in a plastic bag when placing GO2 in travel baggage.