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Your GO2 Big Night Out Strategy – Make wasted mornings-after a distant memory!

Why does alcohol mess with your head? The main reason is that it displaces oxygen in your bloodstream.  Over 20% of the oxygen you consume is used by your brain for functions such as concentration, judgement, balance, co-ordination and thought processes.  No wonder the more you drink the poorer these functions become… and the morning after your brain lets you know what a hard time you gave it!

The ONLY way the body clears alcohol is by combining it with oxygen, ultimately turning it into water and carbon dioxide. However, when you’re loaded with alcohol your oxygen levels have been depleted, so this can take a LONG time. Replenishing your body’s oxygen levels with GO2 speeds up these natural processes significantly, so you can feel good much faster.

Many of our customers find this strategy works best:

  • Before a night out take 10-15ml GO2 Oxygen to pre-oxygenate your body and help enjoy yourself to the max.
  • If you over-indulge with alcohol take a large serving of GO2 Oxygen (15-20ml) in a glass of water last thing before sleep and again when you wake.
  • If you forget the night before, take 2 servings in the morning, 30 minutes apart.
  • To optimise hydration use water from our hydrogen water bottle as frequently as possible.



The National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia) recommends that adult men and women drink no more than 4 standard drinks on any one drinking occasion. Above that number is considered excess and can increase the risk of health-related injuries.

Note: It is your personal responsibility to ensure your blood alcohol level is within legal limits when driving.  Just because you’re feeling great again doesn’t necessarily mean you’re under the limit!