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It's a Scientific Fact: Your body must use Oxygen to break down & remove alcohol, so Feeling Good Faster is simple: Boost Your Body's Oxygen level with GO2. 

The Science

Have you ever wondered why alcohol affects the human body the way it does?  One key reason is that alcohol displaces oxygen in the bloodstream. That means as you take on alcohol, less and less Oxygen is reaching the brain, so its ability to function properly is reduced.  Although the brain is only about 2% of your body, it uses up over 20% of the Oxygen you consume. 

So, why does it take so long to come good after a big night?  Well, your body uses three Oxygen molecules to break down every alcohol molecule - first into acetaldehyde, then into water and carbon dioxide.  Since your body's Oxygen levels have been lowered by the alcohol clogging your bloodstream, this is a very slow and torturous process for You.

The Solution

What if you could bounce back fast after every Big Night;  be out doing things you enjoy instead of curled up feeling the worse for wear;  go to work next morning with a smile?

Oxygen Bars are becoming very popular in major cities, resorts and hotels to help revitalise revellers after a night out.  But there's not an Oxygen bar on every corner and let's face it, there may be times when you just don't feel like leaving home!  Fortunately there's a simple, great-value way to freshen up immediately.  A small drink of GO2 nutritional Oxygen enables you to flood your body with Oxygen easily and safely - whenever you like and wherever you are. 

GO2 is a nutritional liquid that contains a high concentration of Oxygen.  It increases Oxygen levels in the bloodstream.  This allows the body to allocate more Oxygen to clearing alcohol, freeing you up faster and energising you, so you can get on with enjoying life.

Yes, this is a cliche, but the GO2 difference can only be fully appreciated by experiencing it.  Then you'll realise why it's always a good idea to have some GO2 handy.  GO2 is the Real Deal delivering loads of extra oxygen that your body can use immediately.  GO2 is trusted, used and endorsed by champion athletes and coaches for super-fast recovery from sport, and it's just as effective after a big night.

The GO2 sure-fire Big Night Out Strategy:

1. Whether you intend to drink alcohol or not, try taking 10mL of GO2 beforehand so you'll have the energy and stamina to enjoy a great night.

2. If you've had a lot to drink take about 20ml of GO2 in water last thing before bed. This allows GO2 to get to work while you sleep and help cleanse the alcohol from your body.

3. Treat yourself to another shot of GO2 in the morning and you won't be wasting hours of your life due to the excesses of the night before.  If you forgot to take GO2 before bed, a 30-40mL shot or two or three 20mL shots at half hour intervals in the morning will have you Good 2 Go!

Note 1: You may need to adjust this strategy  to suit your needs - everyone is different, and of course you don't drink the same amount of alcohol every time you drink. 

Note 2: When using GO2 be sure to drink plenty of water as well. Oxygen does not eliminate dehydration.

Tip for Wine Drinkers:

Many people experience an adverse reaction to the sulphides contained in most wines.  You can neutralise the sulphides by adding 2-3mL of GO2 to a bottle of wine and waiting 5 minutes before getting into it.

Then ... just Enjoy! 

Need More Info? Email or call us on 02 9899 4661 for immediate answers to your questions. 

GO2 is ONLY available online.  Order now for prompt delivery to your home or workplace.

Disclaimer: We do NOT claim that GO2 will make you fit to drive.  As always, it is every driver's personal responsibility to ensure they are within the legal blood alcohol limit before driving.

OK, It's the Morning After

Be the one with the bright smile every time - always keep some GO2 handy!


Excellent hydration is important for supporting the flow of oxygen to the brain and throughout the body.  Do you know about the hydration benefits of Alkaline Water?  Here at GO2 Life we use and recommend industry leader Alkaway as the perfect complement to GO2.

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