POWER Up! Rejuvenate & energise with H2 BOOM

Release the abundant power of nature, In a refreshing effervescent drink, simply by adding a H2 BOOM! tablet to your water. Extra hydrogen is instantly available for your body to use. Feel the flow & get H2 BOOM working for you!

Better health concept

Better health & well-being

Molecular hydrogen acts as a highly effective antioxidant. It reduces oxidative stress & frees up your cells to maximise your natural energy. Feel good the natural way!

Better athletic performance concept

Elite performance & recovery

Hydrogen supports optimum ATP production & Gets your energy metabolism firing! When cells are properly hydrated, performance is improved & everything is easier.

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Sharper mind concept

Sharper mind & clear focus

As the smallest molecule, hydrogen can pass the blood brain barrier & go straight through the cell wall, removing free radicals & leaving beneficial ones to do their job

Champion Athletes Rely on GO2 Products

performance - recovery - mental clarity - well being

Scotty Evennett GO2 testimonial

GO2 is my secret weapon. Has been for the last 12 months. For someone on the go, brain function and reduced stress is paramount. I couldn't put a price on it.

For those who have purchased a training or nutrition program from myself. You would know of this little beauty. For those who haven't experienced life with it in your system. It's time to.

Sleep better, train harder for longer, fix hangovers and live longer. What's not to like?

Scott Evennett Training
Scott Evennett

Commando, bodybuilder, entrepreneur & motivational specialist.

Amy Dracup GO2 Testimonial

Myself and my husband Bjorn have both tried GO2 for an extended period.

I was introduced to the product by Denae Brown at the Schwartz's Challenge in October 2014 and felt an instant improvement in my endurance to get through the weekend.

Taking GO2 prior to training I experienced a 'second gear', and an ability to keep going. As a part of our regular training routine I use GO2 daily to help me to find a mental clarity and ability to push mid-workout, and it aids my recovery.

I highly recommend this product

Amy Dracup
Amy Dracup

Personal trainer and cross fit extraordinaire

Ethan Emery GO2 Testimonial

As an Athlete always striving to perform at an elite level I am always looking for things to give me a competitive edge and improve my performance and most importantly recovery.

The combination of supplements from GO2 Life has been a real game changer for me.

I recover faster, sleep better and perform better.

Ethan Emery
Ethan Emery

Full-time Elite Crossfit Athlete and Coach

Danae Brown GO2 Testimonial

From the first day I was feeling more alertness and less fatigue, and through the first week found myself hitting some really great results in training.

I found not only did GO2 give me the boost on endurance workouts it also assisted in my strength performance and aided in recovery after training, including sleeping well.

Using GO2 has in my experience brought out the best in my performances, making it an ideal and unique fitness product.

I find it helps me get through my days with much more clarity and vigor. I'm a Massive Fan!

Danae Brown
Denae Brown

Former CrossFit Games athlete. Now Coach.

Khris Terjievski GO2 Testimonial

I am a long term user of GO2 Life products and I strongly recommend them.

They are great for people of any fitness level and age.

I've really felt the increase in my endurance and overall performance. Clean and healthy!!

Clean and healthy!!

Khris Terjievski
Kris Terzievski

Undefeated Victoria State Heavyweight Boxing Champion

Khan Porter GO2 Testimonial

I took a gulp of GO2, held it in my mouth for about 30 seconds (as instructed by Terry) and then wondered if I'd just drunk a massive gulp of pool water.

15 minutes or so later I started my workout. I was blown away!

My breathing seemed effortless and every breath seemed to bring life to my previously shattered body – I actually felt better during the workout after GO2 than I had before it.

I've continued to take GO2 almost daily before my Metcon and truly believe it has helped my breathing and aerobic capacity significantly. I highly recommend it.

Khan Porter
Khan Porter

CrossFit Games athlete & Australian representative

GO2 Life Liquid mineral product

Ultimate hydration with H2 BOOM!

performance - recovery - well being - mental clarity

Your powerful natural edge

H2 BOOM! - Add Power to Your Water

Ultimate Hydration - Anywhere, Anytime

Add a H2 BOOM! tablet to your glass of water & just let it dissolve. Drink it straight away to boost hydrogen instantly.

From Elite Athletes to General Well Being

Whatever your age and fitness level, you still function just like an athlete on the inside. Improve your hydration - improve your body functions.

Calmness and Clarity

H2 BOOM! uses magnesium that is in an elemental form, meaning it is virtually 100% bioavailable to help you feel calm and clear.

Hydrogen - the Ultimate Antioxidant

Hydrogen is a super Antioxidant & is beneficial to nearly every aspect of human physiology at the cellular level. Treat yourself to trillions of H2 molecules with every drink.

The Proven Science of Hydrogen Enrichment

From elite athletes to everyday people - H2 BOOM!

performance - recovery - well being - mental clarity

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GO2 H2 BOOM Hydrogen supplement

Improve Mood & Nerve Functions

Comprehensive double blind test of the effects of Hydrogen enriched water over a 4 week period.

read reference

Enhances & Boosts Recovery

Comprehensive double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled crossover study of how hydrogen rich water lowers recovery times.

read reference

Boosts Antioxidant Enzymes

Drinking hydrogen-rich water for 4 weeks positively affects serum antioxidant enzymes in healthy men: a pilot study.

read reference

Approved by ASADA
*See reference here

No Banned Substances
*Official banned substance list

Free Shipping
*Australia Only

Proven Results
*read elite athlete testimonials

Faq's - H2 BOOM! Hydrogen supplement

GO2 - Nothing else comes close

What will I experience taking this product?

An overall feeling of improved wellness is usually reported. This ranges from having more energy and sharper mental focus, to improved sleeping.

Molecular Hydrogen has proven to be effective in over 600 clinical trials under a vast range of conditions.

As elemental magnesium is used to create the hydrogen, you are receiving an added bonus that comes with consuming the most bioavailable form of magnesium available.

Professional athletes are astounded at how quickly overworked muscles recover and a noticeable improvement in cramping issues.

How long will it take to tell its working?

Many people feel improvement almost instantly and for others the difference happens more over hours, days or even weeks. Every person’s body is unique, so it is a very individual process.

Does it cross the blood brain barrier?

Yes, the molecular hydrogen produced will cross the blood brain barrier, which helps to alleviate oxidative stress in the brain.

How do I get the best results using it?

Taking it consistently is the key, because there is cumulative positive effect in the body as the hydrogen dispenses of the build-up of free radicals, freeing your body of toxins.

If I don't feel different - should I persist?

Yes, we recommend you continue to take the product as sometimes the changes are subtle and happen over time.

Be assured that molecular hydrogen is scavenging the toxic free radicals in your body and helping your body to function optimally.

Can I take this with other medication?

We recommend you consult your doctor if you are currently taking medication.

The major and only active ingredient is magnesium, so most people are ok to supplement with this product.

Can I stop taking other supplements?

We have had many people report that they have stopped taking magnesium and other supplements because of the positive effect of supplementing with our products.

Will I feel less tired after taking this product?

Molecular hydrogen improves mitochondrial function (the energy centre inside the cell), so happy mitochondria means fatigue sets in less quickly.

Does it help with anxiety & depression?

Molecular Hydrogen has been show in many studies to improve those suffering from depression and anxiety.

Is alcohol ok whilst on this product?

Yes. In fact it has been noted by many that molecular hydrogen reduces or eliminates the effects of a hangover especially if taken before bed along with GO2 Liquid Oxygen.

I'm pregnant or breastfeeding? Safe for children?

It’s best to consult your doctor regarding supplementation during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We don’t recommend this product for children under 15 years of age.

Are there any side effects?

Science has recorded zero side effects from ingesting too much hydrogen. Excess amounts of Magnesium have been known to cause diarrhoea.

GO2 Triple Stack

How much better will you go when the trillions of cells that make up your body are firing and functioning at their peak? Our world leading trio of life-enhancing products work together brilliantly at the cell level to oxygenate, hydrate and nourish your cells. Follow the GO2 Triple Stack Protocol to tune up your body from head to toe and enjoy natural energy capacity you never realised you had!

Feeling good concept
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GO2 liquid oxygen

This is our superstar, delivering results and changing lives since we launched in 2010. Oxygen is the key factor in production of energy, power and endurance.

It's what your body craves when the going gets tough and it's the first step in accelerating recovery. Oxygen transforms the energy from everything you consume into energy the body can use.

When you realise that you can infuse your body with oxygen simply by drinking a small amount of GO2 liquid oxygen, it's a no-brainer.

Small GO2 Bottle
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H2 BOOM! Molecular Hydrogen

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) Is the gas your body releases from food and water to make energy (ATP). Hydrogen is a tasteless, odourless, flammable gas with 3 times more energy potential than petroleum.

When a H2 BOOM! tablet is added to a glass of water, it locks in hydrogen to create a healthy effervescent drink rich in bioavailable H2.

It saves your body from having to break it out of food. So you get instant energy results. H2 BOOM! is the ultimate hydration.

H2 Boom hydrogen water
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A healthy hydrated person
Healthy minerals man
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GO2 liquid minerals

Your minerals are lost through sweat during exercise & work. It's critical that you replenish your body's minerals. The body cannot manufacture its own minerals & our soils contain ever diminishing amounts of minerals and nutrients.

Our Minerals are fully organic and naturally chelated, which means the 77 minerals, plus amino acids and vitamins, are bioavailable and ready for the body to easily absorb and use at the cell level.

GO2 Minerals contain organic humic and fulvic acids, which play an important role in healthy metabolism and act as recyclers of metabolic wastes.

GO2 liquid minerals
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