GO2 Pet & Vet – For Peak Performance and Recovery

If your performance animal isn’t meeting your expectations, it may well be experiencing inadequate oxygen levels. GO2 Pet & Vet delivers real bio-available oxygen in a safe, easy to use liquid form that works in minutes to replenish oxygen levels for about 2-4 hours. The APVMA has categorised GO2 Pet & Vet as a dietary supplement for use in situations where the animal’s oxygen levels may be low. The product contains only natural ingredients, is non-toxic, pH balanced, is completely free of chemicals or toxins and does not swab.

Oxygen has a vital role in virtually every physiological function – physical and mental. Supplementing regularly with GO2 Pet & Vet gives your animal every chance to be at its peak in all circumstances. Suitable for use with all equine disciplines, greyhounds or any other performance animal. Unfortunately animals can’t speak (unless of course they’re Mr Ed!), but you can read what elite athletes of the human variety have to say about GO2 here.

For more about equine use please go here, for greyhound use go here.

GO2 Pet & Vet- Supports Peak Performance & Recovery