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Amelia Phillips, Health & Fitness expert for Channel 9 Mornings show

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“I love the concept behind this product; their motto is simple – ‘GO2 doesn’t contain energy, it creates energy’.

When I used this product, my mindset was that I didn’t have to worry about any extra stimulation like caffeine or sugar in the product, as it’s an organic way to increase the energy in the body, containing none of those other nasties.

GO2 is essentially a product that’s targeted at the fitness industry, especially athletes and marathon runners, as it promotes their natural aerobic capacity to work more efficiently. However, I feel this product can be of great advantage for people who suffer from body fatigue or have long work hours. Rather than indulging in stimulants or energy drinks, add a few teaspoons of GO2 in your water bottle and see if it makes a difference to your energy levels.”

View Amelia’s full review of GO2 at her website

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