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  • Fast-acting (within minutes)!
  • 100% clean!
  • No caffeine, sugar, stimulants or harmful chemicals!
  • Aussie made, Aussie family business.

I began using GO2 Oxygen 18 months ago, taking it before and after training.  In competition I take it between each lift to off-set fatigue and help concentration.  During off-season training I take GO2 to aid recovery after heavy training sessions and to aid sleep.  I would recommend GO2 Oxygen to all serious sports men and women.  You need to discover it before your competitors do. – Lee Marshall, Multiple World Powerlifting Champion

In every sport, any level, any age, your performance capacity is limited by the amount of Oxygen your gasping lungs and pumping heart can deliver to your working muscles.

Similarly, when you stop exercising you go on gulping in the big ones because oxygen is the key driver of the recovery process.  It has a primary role in restoring just about every function that needs to be re-balanced asap so you can smash your next challenge.

But you know all that, right?  You may not know that you can now quickly, easily and cost-effectively boost your oxygen level – anywhere, anytime – with no extra strain on your heart and lungs.

GO2 Oxygen is a unique nutritional liquid that has been supercharged with oxygen using a special process that makes the oxygen part of the liquid.  This oxygen is not in gas form, so it doesn’t escape when the bottle is opened. In fact it is stable in the liquid for years.  It contains nothing dodgy, just 100% natural ingredients: de-ionised water, atlantic sea salt and a LOT of extra oxygen.

When a small amount (typically 10-20 ml) is consumed by adding to any non-fizzy drink or on its own, it takes only a few minutes to kick in.  This is ‘active’ oxygen compared to the oxygen we breathe, and it supports super-fast delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.  Expect to feel optimum aerobic and endurance capacity, and to bounce back very quickly between sets and sessions.

CHECK OUT GO2 FEEDBACK from elite athletes on our home page, and plenty more elite and recreational athletes

Of course the only way to fully understand and appreciate this remarkable pre- and post-workout solution is to try it. FREE EXPRESS POST on all Australian orders.

GO ALL IN!  Our Oxygen is brilliant on its own, and it’s also part of our Energised Lifestyle Pack and Sports Power Pack Combos, which take your performance and recovery even beyond Oxygen!  Molecular hydrogen (Ultimate hydration) and our liquid plant-based minerals with fulvic acid make up this phenomenal trio.

WHY YOU SHOULD TRY:  The body’s trillions of cells are the foundation of our performance/recovery capacity and indeed our wellness.  Three of the most vital factors in cellular function are oxygenation, hydration and mineral nourishment.  We believe each of our products to be world leading in their category.  Individually, each of them is excellent, used together they are totally next level.  All are fully bio-available at the cellular level, so are very quick and easy for the body to assimilate, fast-tracking the metabolism and helping create a very healthy, high performance/fast recovery environment in the body.  They complement conventional nutrition/supplements because they prepare the body to be able to quickly extract and utilize the nutrients from everything else the user consumes, as well as eliminate waste, and so help maximise users’ natural functional capability.

DO YOUR BODY A FAVOUR, use these products consistently on a daily basis, even rest days, to keep the momentum of the benefits flowing.  Most people notice improvements from the first day, then the longer you’re on them the better it gets!  Our Sports Power Pack is a solid month’s supply.

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