Welcome – we invite you to browse our site and discover our unique nutritional product, GO2.  Every purchase made through the link on this page will benefit Amanda Vella’s Save A Horse Australia equine charity.


Our product for animal consumption, GO2 Pet & Vet, is already very popular in the UK equine community under a different brand.


GO2 is as much for you and your family as it is for your horses!  Click here to read the GO2 experiences of some of Australia’s fittest athletes, including 2014 Australian Regional CrossFit champion Denae Brown2015 No 1 Pacific Regional CrossFitter Khan Porter, 2011 Australian Regional CrossFit champion Amy Dracup, and 2014 Australian 3000m Steeplechase champion Victoria Mitchell. To learn more about our human use products, go to our home page or click on one of the ‘popular uses’ panels above. 

*** Use discount code SAHA when buying for 10% off all purchases ***

All of our products are Australian made of 100% natural ingredients, contain no drugs or chemicals, are non-toxic and can safely be used, with no side effects.  They produce readily noticeable benefits that improve over time with consistent use.

To make a purchase, return to this page and order via the button below, which will trigger a donation from us to SAHA.  If you’re not comfortable ordering online, call us on 0402 361 255 to order and tell us to use the SAHA link.


Please SHARE this page as widely as possible – whenever anyone buys any of our products through the SAHA link, SAHA will benefit and the buyer will receive the SAHA 10% ‘thank you’ discount.

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