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That feeling when you discover something that actually works!

It’s a Scientific Fact: Your body must use Oxygen to break down & remove alcohol, so Feeling Fresh Faster is simple: Boost Your Body’s Oxygen level with GO2 drinkable Oxygen. 

The Science  

Have you ever wondered why alcohol affects the human body the way it does?  One key reason is that alcohol displaces oxygen in the bloodstream. That means as you take on alcohol, less and less Oxygen is reaching your brain, so its ability to function properly is reduced.  Although your brain is only about 2% of your body, it uses up over 20% of the Oxygen you consume. 

Why does it take so long to come good after a big night?  Your body uses three Oxygen molecules to break down every alcohol molecule – eventually turning it into water and carbon dioxide.  Since your body’s Oxygen levels have been lowered by the alcohol clogging your bloodstream, this is a slow and torturous process for you.

The Solution

A small drink of GO2 Oxygen enables you to flood your body with Oxygen easily and safely – whenever you like and wherever you are. 

GO2 Oxygen is a nutritional liquid that contains a high concentration of Oxygen.  It helps replenish your Oxygen levels.  This allows your body to immediately allocate more Oxygen to where it’s most needed, freeing you up faster and energising you, so you can get on with enjoying life.

The GO2 sure-fire Big Night Out Strategy:

1. Whether you intend to drink alcohol or not, try taking 10mL (one teaspoon = approx. 5mL) of GO2 Oxygen beforehand so you’ll have the energy and stamina to enjoy a great night.

2. If you’ve had a lot to drink take about 20mL of GO2 Oxygen in water last thing before bed. This allows the oxygen to get to work while you sleep and help you wake up with a clearer head.

3. Treat yourself to another shot of GO2 Oxygen in the morning and you won’t be wasting hours of your life due to the excesses of the night before.  If you forgot to take it before bed, try two shots at half hour intervals in the morning.

Note 1: You may like to adjust this strategy to suit your needs – everyone is different, and of course you don’t drink the same amount of alcohol every time you drink. 

Note 2: Be sure to keep your fluid intake up, especially next day. Oxygen does not eliminate dehydration.

Disclaimer: We do NOT claim that GO2 Oxygen will make you fit to drive.  As always, it is every driver’s personal responsibility to ensure they are within the legal blood alcohol limit before driving.

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