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GO2 is new and different, and it doesn’t make sense for us to try and tell its unique story by competing with all the glitzy advertising that’s happening in the sports nutrition market or placing it among the mountains of supplements in the shops. You probably wouldn’t even notice GO2, let alone understand how to use it. Through this website we can give you everything you need to make an informed purchase decision, and anything you can think of that we haven’t covered just email us and we’ll reply within 24 hours. We supply you direct, so you can always be sure of the freshest product. It also means anyone can buy in bulk at wholesale pricing, so why not team up with family, friends, colleagues or club members to get the best value.

GO2 has been tested at an ASDA and overseas certified laboratories and is guaranteed to contain no banned substances. Oxygen supplementation is legal in training and competition according to the World Anti-Doping Agency, which specifically excludes oxygen supplementation from its prohibited list.

GO2 is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, pH balanced and contains no free radicals. Our regular customers range from schoolchildren through all age groups.

The thing about oxygen is that it should always work. The fact is your body has to use oxygen to create aerobic energy and break down lactic acid. That’s how your body naturally uses oxygen. The more oxygen you get to your muscles the better they perform and the faster they recover. That’s a scientific fact. So there’s no question whether or not oxygen works.

The only question is whether GO2 can supply enough extra oxygen to make a difference for you. We believe that, used correctly and consistently, it certainly will. Like with any supplement, how much you take is critical. Too little of any supplement probably won’t have much impact. But when you start taking the right amount for your body the results can be dramatic. The same goes for GO2. Once you figure out the right amount for your body and exertion level, the results can be very significant.

When you start using GO2 you’re setting off on a personal journey of discovery. We suggest you begin by checking out our guidelines, which explain how to use GO2 for best results. Of course the best way to tell how well GO2 is working is to measure your results, so why not download a feedback sheet and record your favourite KPIs (they can be time or strength related) before you even open the GO2 bottle. Make a daily record of your usage of GO2 and your observations, for at least 2 weeks, then re-measure your KPIs.

There’s a learning curve whenever you start something new,and it’s fine to experiment with the amount of GO2 you take and the timing. You can’t overdose, but obviously it’s a waste if you use more than you need. Most people find a 10-15mL serve works best but for big guys doing extreme things, 20 or even 30mL might be right.

Some people just use GO2 sporadically at times when they need an energy boost, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But the thing is, to get maximum benefit you want to be taking GO2 at least once a day, so you’re always starting each session off a high oxygenation base, not slipping back to a lower starting point because you’ve missed a few days of GO2.

Most people notice benefits the first time they use GO2, and then go from strength to strength. Don’t worry if you don’t – stick with it and give your body time to adjust to the extra oxygen and deliver the results.

Because your body has more oxygen available it’s going to be more efficient in extracting and using the nutrients from other supplements you use. Try to take your GO2 about 30 minutes ahead of supplements so the oxygen has been fully absorbed. GO2 should work especially well in conjunction with products high in glucose, to maximise energy levels.