GO2 Premium Oxygen Supplement - Supports Optimal Performance & Recovery

Testimonials by Professional Athletes

  • I use it not only for training, but also during long haul flights and on those days when I would usually feel run down juggling a busy schedule of training as an athlete and being a mum, I find it helps me get through my days with much more clarity and vigor. I'm a Massive Fan!"

    Denae Brown, 2015 World's Fittest Mother, 2014 Australian Region No1, Winner 2014 Schwartz's Iron Edge Challenge, Australian team - CrossFit World Invitational Nov 2014
  • "I have been experimenting with GO2 over the past couple of months, both in my pre workout and post workout nutrition. It has allowed me to train at a higher intensity easier and more often. I'm recovering from my workout faster and looking forward to training the next day.

    Chris Hogan, No 1 Australian Region 2010, 3x World CrossFit Games individual athlete, CrossFit coach
GO2 is a revolutionary nutritional liquid that is supercharged with active oxygen. It is used as a training aid to fire up the metabolism for optimal performance, endurance and recovery.
Some of Australia's most successful and respected CrossFit athletes share their thoughts on GO2:
  • My breathing seemed effortless and every breath seemed to bring life to my previously shattered body - I actually felt better during the workout after GO2 than I had before it. I've continued to take GO2 almost daily before my Metcon and truly believe it has helped my breathing and aerobic capacity significantly. I highly recommend it."

    Khan Porter, CURRENT PACIFIC REGION No1, CrossFit coach, and a professional GRID athlete with the champion DC Brawlers team
  • 'Here at CTHQ we only recommend products that we have personally evaluated and which we buy and use ourselves. Recently we were introduced to GO2. In a nutshell, we have been blown away by the results. The team here at Commando Tough have noticed an improvement in workout performance (both strength and cardio), mental focus & clarity, and sleep. We only ever use the best products and have found GO2 to be one of those at the top end. Get past the not-so-great taste and you'll experience the same benefits we have.'

    Commando Tough, Scott Evenett and Rhys Dowden, are experienced Special Forces Commando soldiers. Commando Tough
  • "Myself and my husband Bjorn have both tried GO2 for an extended period. I was introduced to the product by Denae Brown at the Schwartz's Challenge in October 2014 and felt an instant improvement in my endurance to get through the weekend.

    Amy Dracup, 2011 Australian Region No1, Runner up 2014 Schwartz's Iron Edge Challenge, CrossFit coach, and a professional GRID athlete with the champion DC Brawlers team