We’re stoked to be an Event Partner again for the 2017 True Grit Australian 24 hour Enduro event. When you’re pushing your boundaries in any sporting or fitness challenge, GO2 is a new concept that allows your body to maximise its physical and mental capabilities – and recover fast after the effort. Scroll down for our Special True Grit Offer.

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Recommended by experts:
Scott Evennett runs Sydney’s elite military-style fitness and endurance training centre, Commando Tough, regularly leading endurance challenges ranging up to 48 hours. Scott is co-author of “The Complete Obstacle Conditioning Program” – the ultimate guide to preparing for this type of event:

GO2 is my secret weapon. Has been for the last 12 months. For someone on the go, brain function and reduced stress is paramount. I couldn’t put a price on it.

And not just the improved brain function, but high performance throughout my entire system. My body is operating at maximized health 24/7.

For those who have purchased a training or nutrition program from myself. You would know of this little beauty. For those who haven’t experienced life with it in your system, it’s time to.

Sleep better, train harder for longer, fix hangovers and live longer. What’s not to like? – Scott Evennett


Tiffany Nissen, True Grit 24 hour Enduro 2016 3rd place and winner of GO2 prize:

Prior to last Enduro, I had never heard of the GO2 product. Coming third solo female, I was fortunate to receive a whole box of this wonderful product as part of my prize.

I found taking the product prior to a big workout I could feel a noticeable difference in performance during the session. I have also noticed my runs easier and faster if taking the product prior. Just recently I took it before a 5klm run and had a new PB even though I hadn’t run for quite a few months.

The big thing? Is noticeable and easily increased breathing capacity, allowing me to do more, push harder, and recover faster. There are no silly side effects or “buzz” feeling.  It’s just increased capacity.

Definitely a product to try. As it’s natural there are no highs or lows, just results. I am a big believer it is a useful product for all sports, recovery and everyday life. – Tiffany Nissen


Check out testimonials from Aussie champions in CrossFit, Cycling, Triathlon, Boxing, Athletics, Powerlifting and more.

A major limiting factor in endurance performance and recovery is the amount of oxygen that is available to the body. Plenty of oxygen is vital for the creation of abundant energy, metabolism of lactic acid and speedy recovery. GO2 is a nutritional liquid, made with 100% natural ingredients, that delivers more oxygen for your body to use. GO2 may be used as a pre-workout to maximise your training session, post-workout and on rest days to assist recovery.  During endurance events it may be used every hour or two to top up your oxygen level (it can be added to any non-aerated drink).

Members of the True Grit community receive 20% off each online order and free shipping within Australia by using code TGENDURO. Offer valid until 31 July 2017

GO2 Premium Oxygen Supplement – Supports Optimal Performance & Recovery