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GO2 is a revolutionary nutritional liquid that is supercharged with active oxygen. It is used as a training aid to fire up the metabolism for optimal performance, endurance and recovery. GO2 is a breakthrough nutritional concept that’s suitable for people of all ages, no matter what their sport or fitness programs, or the level at which they participate.

We’re very proud to have supported Australian Champion and Olympian Victoria Mitchell’s mission to compete at the Rio 2016 Olympics since early 2014. So we’re thrilled that Victoria was recently chosen to represent Australia at her second Olympics and look forward to helping her be at her best in Rio.

Victoria has achieved many championships and accolades on her path to Rio, and has earned an excellent reputation in the athletic community. GO2 is the only supplement-type product she uses.

‘I’ve been using GO2 regularly and I feel great. My training and recovery is excellent and I have been able to compete at my best, recently qualifying for our Rio team in the demanding 3000m Steeplechase event. I love that GO2 is all natural and doing me good, as well as helping my efforts in the gym and on the track’ – Victoria Mitchell

Click here for more info about GO2 and sport, here for more testimonials from superfit athletes and coaches, including elite CrossFitters Denae Brown (2015 World’s Fittest Mum), Khan Porter (2015 Pacific Region No 1), Chris Hogan (2010 Aust No1) and Amy Dracup, (2011 Aust No1).

If you decide to discover the GO2 difference for yourself, use Promo Code RIO during your purchase and for every order we’ll make a contribution towards Victoria’s campaign. If you’re not comfortable ordering online, call us on 0402 361 255 to order and tell us to use code RIO.

All of our products are Australian made of 100% natural ingredients, contain no drugs or chemicals (certified to contain no banned substances), are non-toxic and can safely be used, with no side effects. Please browse our site and discover the many ways in which our world-leading products may enhance the lives of you, your family and friends, and even your pets.

Victoria often wins her races like this – by obliterating the opposition! Arriving just two days before the San Francisco half marathon she led from the start to win by over 5 minutes! Lonely finish! Great effort Vic!

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