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Fast-track Your Bounce Back!

What if you could enjoy a drink and bounce back fast next morning? Be out doing things you enjoy instead of curled up feeling the worse for wear? Go to work with a smile?

There is now a simple, natural way to help your body cope better if you overindulge. From before your first glass, and while you sleep, your body can be working away to return you to normal as fast as possible. We call it The GO2 Big Night Out Strategy

Scientific Fact: Your body MUST use Oxygen to break down & remove alcohol.

Why does alcohol affect the human body the way it does? Many factors are at play – two of the most important are oxygenation and hydration. Here’s why:

1. Oxygenation: Alcohol displaces oxygen in the bloodstream. As you take on alcohol your brain receives less and less oxygen, so its ability to function properly is reduced. Although your brain is only about 2% of your body, it uses up over 20% of your oxygen for functions such as thinking, decision-making, memory, balance, judgment, concentration, motor skills, language and sleep. That’s how important oxygen is for your brain!

Oxygen is also an essential part of the process for your body to break down every alcohol molecule – first into acetaldehyde, then into water and carbon dioxide. This is very slow and torturous for you because your body’s oxygen flow has been lowered by the alcohol clogging your bloodstream. When the main focus of your oxygen resources is getting rid of alcohol and restoring your equilibrium, you probably won’t feel up to doing much else.  It’s also important to understand that the older we get, the less oxygen-efficient our body becomes and the longer it takes to come good.

2. Hydration: Alcohol works as a diuretic, causing you to pee more and dehydrate as a result, exacerbating unwanted effects. Regularly drinking water between alcoholic drinks is a big help. Now it’s possible to easily supercharge your water with extra hydrogen to take hydration to another level.

Your fast-track back to Normal – Feed your body more fast-acting oxygen and hydrogen to help it function properly as soon as possible.

1. GO2 Liquid Oxygen Supplement is a nutritional liquid that contains a high concentration of ‘active’ oxygen. This is extra oxygen your body can use at the cellular level to help clear alcohol, freeing you up faster and energising you so you can get on with enjoying life.  Just a small amount of GO2 Oxygen is needed, and it starts working straight away. Anywhere, anytime, make GO2 Oxygen your go-to solution.

2. H2 BOOM! Molecular Hydrogen infuses a glass of water with hydrogen molecules to provide much superior hydration. Hydrogen is the smallest element and also works at the cellular level to tidy up after the alcohol and help restore you fast.

The GO2 Big Night Out Strategy


If you are:

  • An athlete or fitness enthusiast of any age or fitness level
  • Over 30 and starting to slow down and ‘feel your age’
  • Stressed, tired or burnt out

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