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Using GO2 Oxygen when travelling

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Whether you’re travelling for business, pleasure or sport there are THREE HUGE RISKS that can wreck your trip:

  1. You pick up a bug that takes days to recover from.
  2. Travel fatigue disrupts your sleeping pattern, energy levels and performance.
  3. Your body can’t keep up with the all the action and activities you’ve planned, so you end up not getting the best results or value from your trip.

GO2 offers a NATURAL, COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION to all three risks:


      SPRAY               SUPPLEMENT          SOLUTION

If you’re a frequent flyer, flight crew member, business person or professional sportsperson, you can’t afford not to know about this…

The main reason you are at risk is the environment in which you’re travelling.  It starts at the airport, where you are mixing with lots of people.  Any one of them may be carrying bacteria or viruses that can be transmitted to YOU through the air or on surfaces they touch.  On a plane at altitude, your likelihood of picking up one of these bugs is much greater.  Not only is stale, potentially-contaminated air being continually recycled, the air pressure is a lot lower than at ground level.  This means that less oxygen is available to you, and you are more susceptible to travel fatigue and to attack by bacteria and viruses (which thrive in low-oxygen environments).

This is How the GO2 Solution Works:

GO2 Oxygen Spray not only refreshes your skin with revitalising Oxygen, it is a PROVEN* NATURAL ANTIMICROBIAL SPRAY to minimise the chances of bugs affecting you.  

All You need to do is lightly spray your face, open mouth & nose (to keep the sinuses moist) every hour or two, or as often as you like. Allow to dry naturally.  It may also be sprayed on the hands, or on potentially contaminated surfaces. Keep it handy – if someone coughs or sneezes nearby, give yourself a spray. 

GO2 Oxygen Supplement increases your blood oxygen levels, combating the low oxygen environment in the cabin so that you stay well-oxygenated and arrive fresh, alert and ready 2 GO.  It also complements GO2 Oxygen Spray by further strengthening your body’s resistance to nasties. 

All You need to do is obtain a couple of cabin-allowed (100ml or smaller) empty plastic bottles from any pharmacy and fill them with GO2 Oxygen.  Take about 10ml (2 teaspoons) of GO2 in water before flying, every 2-3 hours during the flight and upon arrival.  Pack enough GO2 in your main baggage to last through your trip and for the return journey (you can top up your spray bottle from your larger GO2 bottle).  

On the ground use GO2 daily so you can do more, for longer, and get the most value out of your trip. If your itinerary sometimes leaves you sleep-deprived, GO2 makes your extra hours awake much easier to handle – and when you do get to sleep it’s going to be the relaxed, sound sleep that happens when your body is oxygen-rich.

To purify local water add 3mL of GO2 per litre of water and wait 5 minutes before consumption. 

Cool Tip: GO2 is ideal for skiing trips, so your body can meet all the challenges of travel, altitude, alcohol & sport and amaze your friends!  Going to the snow is expensive – let GO2 help you get more bang for your holiday bucks!

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