"At GO2 Life our passion is helping our customers lead higher-performing, less stressed, more enjoyable lives. Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior, hard-working mum or dad, senior citizen or anyone else, discover how much better your body goes when you increase your oxygen flow – it’s a difference you can feel! GO2 is a nutritional liquid that is supercharged with natural oxygen. It’s the new, safe, simple, affordable and healthy way to energise your body, without caffeine, sugar or stimulants. Try it now, or call us for a chat. We look forward to helping You go better.” – Terry Kelly, Founder, GO2 Life

“Oxygen is essential to brain and body function, and the more oxygen available to the system, the better it will function.” - Dr. Robert Mazzeo, “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise"

GO2 Premium Oxygen Supplement - Supports Optimal Performance & Recovery
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If Your Body could easily tap into performance capacity you’re not currently reaching, what could that mean for YOU?

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Daily Vitality

Extra oxygen has been shown to enhance mental performance and memory recall in healthy active adults in clinical studies

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Active Seniors

As we get older it’s natural to want the best possible Quality of Life for as long as we can

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Animal Care

As an Animal Lover, you know that when your best friend is happy, healthy and full of life, your own spirits are lifted too.

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What can GO2 Life do for you?

  • Thank you for helping me to get a better life; at 75 years of age the more independent I am the better and not a burden to the community.

    Great Product! Rachael NSW
  • I am definitely staying on it and it will be interesting to see how I feel in another month. At this rate, I may just feel like my old self again soon.

    Fantastic Results! Phyllis Tamarama NSW
  • I have been using GO2 at night… and I NO LONGER SNORE, much to the relief of my wife and children.

    WOW! Love it! Ron (Doctor) Hunters Hill NSW
  • I attribute this raised productivity to taking GO2 and continue to take it. And although I wasn’t a bad sleeper, I have also found that whilst taking GO2 I sleep a lot better.

    Why haven't I tried this before? Christopher Sydney NSW

GO2 Premium Oxygen Supplement - Supports Optimal Performance & Recovery
ALL orders shipped FREE Australia-wide

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Tiffany Nissen, True Grit 24 hour E...

The big thing? Is noticeable and easily increased breathing capacity, allowing me to do more, push harder, and recover faster. There are no silly side effects or “buzz” feeling.  It’s just increased capacity. Tiffany Nissen, True Grit 24 hour E

Scott Evennett, Master Mentor, Owne...

GO2 is my secret weapon. Has been for the last 12 months. For someone on the go, brain function and reduced stress is paramount. I couldn’t put a price on it. And not just the improved brain function, but high performance throughout my entire system


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Pet & Vet – 250ml
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