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Where does your energy come from each day?

Do you rely on caffeine, stimulants or sugary drinks to give you a hit?  Or maybe you have low energy levels that limit what you can achieve and reduce your enjoyment of life.

What if you had natural energy flowing through your body every day – without any of the unwanted effects of artificial ‘energy’ products?

What if you wake up every day well rested because your sleep hasn’t been disrupted?

How much more would you achieve?

Bringing out your best is not only possible, it’s much easier than you think!

Our 3-step GO2 Game Plan starts working immediately to nourish you directly at the cellular level, which is where your wellness and energy happens.

The GO2 Game Plan delivers the key essential nutrients – oxygen, hydrogen and minerals – to your cells in a very highly bio-available (easily absorbable) form.

Your body instantly recognises them as being very beneficial  and can immediately use them to help with whatever is its biggest priority at that time.

This means you’ll start noticing benefits very quickly – most people feel brighter, more energised and able to do more from the very first day. For some it takes a bit longer, but unlike many nutritional products, you won’t be waiting weeks wondering if benefits are ever going to happen.

The functions of oxygen, hydrogen and minerals within our bodies are endless and cannot be emphasised enough.   All of them play an active role in helping your body perform at its A-game.

Some of the key functions are:

Oxygen combines with glucose inside your cells to form the energy molecule ATP. About 90% of your energy is created this way.  Our supercharged GO2 Liquid Oxygen helps make sure you’re getting enough oxygen to your cells to maximise energy production.

Oxygen also plays a key role in virtually every metabolic function, for example:

Your brain uses 20%+ of your oxygen, so functions such as mental clarity, concentration, memory, balance, judgment may be impaired when oxygen levels are low.

Only oxygen breaks down fat, which is carbon and hydrogen intense, into carbon dioxide and water, which exit the body naturally.

Only oxygen clears alcohol from the body, again breaking it down into CO2 and H2O.

The body’s oxygen levels (and therefore energy levels) fluctuate throughout the day.  It constantly juggles its oxygen resources to cope as best it can with all the challenges thrown at it. Restoring oxygen levels with GO2 Oxygen a couple of times a day lifts your oxygen baseline and makes it easier for your body to cope.  This is extra oxygen that is delivered without causing your heart to beat faster or your lungs to strain harder.

Hydrogen is the smallest, most abundant element in the universe.  So it’s able to permeate deep into the hardest to reach parts of your body.

The body receives hydrogen during the digestion process of the food and beverages you consume.

When you infuse Molecular Hydrogen into your water using the GO2 Life hydrogen-generating water bottle, the hydrogen gas bypasses the digestive system. It is immediately available to your cells, allowing your body to do its work more effectively and efficiently.

For example, hydrogen:

Allows your cells and body to stay hydrated

Acts like a super-antioxidant neutralising harmful free radicals

Ensures that your joints stay lubricated.

Minerals are vital for the proper functioning of every cell in your body. Most of us have mineral deficiencies because soils globally have been dramatically depleted, modern food processing  strips out minerals, and most minerals you buy in shops are cheap, mainly metallic and ineffective with minimal absorption.

When your body doesn’t have enough minerals to go around, some cells are going to miss out. That means they’re not able to function optimally and limits their capacity to energise you.

GO2 Minerals are extracted from prehistoric natural plant-based deposits to help create an optimal balance. Not only are they immediately available for your cells to use, the naturally occurring fulvic and humic acids in this mineral product transport minerals to living cells, catalyzing vitamins within cells, and metabolizing proteins, RNA, and DNA.

Humic and Fulvic acids act as

  • Chelator and Detoxifier
  • Organic Electrolyte
  • Antioxidant

Enhancing Your Lifestyle

The oxygen, hydrogen and minerals that form the GO2 Game Plan work together seamlessly to create conditions that allow your body to thrive and live a naturally energised life.

These amazing micro-nutrients take you far beyond the limits of conventional nutrition and are an experience you should not miss! Try our Discovery Pack, Energised Lifestyle Pack or Sports Power Pack and you won’t look back.

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