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Experience natural energy enhancement at its best.

Your energy, endurance and recovery capacity all feed in to your overall performance, day after day. We're talking about your body's capacity to do whatever you ask of it better, easier, and to do it all again sooner with less recovery time.

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GO2 Life’s products provide high-oxygenation and hydration, significantly boosting your energy. Get an extra surge of vitality by utilising oxygen and hydrogen in your workout regimen. There’s added acceleration, endurance, and power for remarkable energy optimisation.

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The GO2 Protocol drives your performance by delivering its powerful nutrition at the cellular level in your body. The products help to create an environment for peak performance and fast recovery. The role of GO2 Oxygen is vital in optimising your endurance capacity, because the onset of lactic acid only happens when your oxygen supply is inadequate.

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Using GO2 Life’s oxygen and hydrogen before your exercise, sport or any activity, your body is able to handle exertion more easily. In combination with our minerals post-exertion, this puts your body ahead in the recovery process, so your recovery from that exertion can be swift and efficient and you’ll soon be ready to take on your next challenge.

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GO2 Life’s products promote optimal wellbeing by helping create a healthy environment in your body. Our oxygen, hydrogen and fulvic minerals are all highly absorbable and immediately usable at the cellular level in your body – this is the essential elemental nutrition your cells need to function properly and underpin your wellness.

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Enjoy a more energised, active lifestyle with our GO2 Protocol. The body becomes less efficient with age, we slow down and become less capable. Allow our products to rejuvenate your body’s cells, contributing to overall vigour and wellness. Don’t settle for a sedentary lifestyle – discover the GO2 Protocol and get back to living your best life!

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Stay sharp and focussed for longer with GO2 Liquid Oxygen. Your brain uses up over 20% of your body’s oxygen resources to perform all its functions, including thinking, decision making, judgment, balance and even sleeping! Remain fresher, calmer and less fatigued.

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Whether you travel for sport, business or leisure, the low oxygen environment in your aircraft can get you off to a poor start that can set the tone for your whole trip. GO2 Liquid Oxygen and MiOksi Revitalising Oxygen Mist are ideal for replenishing your oxygen levels inside and out, so you arrive refreshed and ready to make the most of your new surroundings.

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Help your body cope much more easily with big nights out and over-indulgence. Every alcohol molecule requires three Oxygen molecules to break down and remove it. To restore freshness and vitality really quickly try a serve of GO2 Oxygen before going out, again before bed and again the following morning, along with plenty of hydrogen water.

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GO2 Life’s specially formulated MiOksi Revitalising Oxygen Spray oxygenates your skin at the cell level. By age 40 our skin has lost nearly 60% of its oxygen! MiOksi promotes collagen & elastin production, helping the skin to maintain elasticity, suppleness and a youthful appearance. It soothes irritated or damaged areas, such as freshly shaven or waxed skin, or sunburn.