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Yes – we’re talking about hydrogen gas.  No – it’s not going to make you explode (except with Vitality).  It is the most abundant element in the universe AND the most abundant atom in our bodies, so it’s very important to our wellbeing.  Because it’s also the smallest element there is, all those atoms only make up about 10% of the human body. In comparison, the heavier oxygen atoms account for 65%.

Hydration is generally associated with water because of its hydrogen content. However the hydrogen in water is bound to oxygen in the H2O water molecule.  Our H2BOOM! Molecular Hydrogen tablets react with water, saturating it with millions of hydrogen bubbles  This hydrogen doesn’t combine with the water molecule, it remains as hydrogen gas (H2), so it is directly available for your body to use. This is a highly efficient and convenient way to deliver hydrogen to your body.

For maximum benefit we recommend drinking the hydrogen rich water as soon as the tablets have been dissolved.  Over time, the gas will escape and the water will go flat, like any carbonated drink, so be sure to drink it while the water is cloudy.

Hydrogen as a nutrient is little known in Australia, however in countries such as USA, Japan and Canada its use is skyrocketing.  Japan has been at the forefront of research on this topic over the last 10 years,  A report stated recently that over half of the Japanese population is currently using or has used some form of hydrogen supplementation.

Hydrogen works as a highly effective selective antioxidant, neutralising harmful free radicals while allowing beneficial ones to flourish.  This is especially important for athletes and active people to help minimise potential damage from excessive free radicals created while exercising.  It supports cognitive health and athletic performance and promotes a healthy metabolism.

Our hydrogen uses pure elemental magnesium as its carrier, so in addition to a highly concentrated dose of hydrogen in every serve, you’ll also receive bioavailable magnesium, which is known to support healthy cells.

An important factor in achieving ultimate hydration is ensuring that your body’s electrolytes are replenished. Electrolytes are minerals in your body that have an electric charge. Using their unique chemical properties, they help balance and regulate the fluids in your body. Additionally, they are essential for your muscle and nerve function.

Check out GO2 Protocol Step 3, which explains how GO2 Liquid Minerals helps replenish your essential electrolytes.



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