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Now You can Prime your body for Peak Performance anytime, anywhere!

Whether you compete at the highest level or are a recreational athlete of any age or fitness level, let the GO2 Game Plan help you reach more of your natural capacity and redefine your limits.

You may never have thought of Oxygen, Hydrogen, or perhaps even Minerals, as nutrition – yet they are fundamental to your body’s performance capability.

What if you could instantly reach into your natural capacity reserves in 3 simple steps?

What if you could kick start your recovery before you even work out?

The GO2 Game Plan delivers powerful nutrition at the cellular level.


The GO2 Game Plan delivers these vital elements so they’re immediately available in a form your body can use to help it cope more easily with the challenges of sport and exertion.

Most people notice this extra capacity from Day One.


The first thing your body’s looking for when it comes to energy, endurance and recovery is more oxygen.

It’s why we run out of breath – our heart and lungs are straining to bring in more.

Our super strength GO2 Liquid Oxygen is drinkable oxygen you can take before doing something physical.  It will deliver a long-lasting boost of extra capacity to your body without your heart and lungs having to work harder.

A Western Sydney University study found an average increase of 17% when measuring exercise time to exhaustion – that’s 17% more exercise capacity just by using GO2 Liquid Oxygen.

So how do we drink oxygen?

Our world-leading electrolytic process supercharges a saline water solution with oxygen, which becomes part of the water. It delivers sustained oxygenation at the cell level. You only need between 5 – 20ml to deliver a boost of oxygen supporting your mental capacity, calmness, quality of sleep, and of course a performance boost.

GO2 Liquid Oxygen is very versatile and is beneficial to your body in many areas.  It contains 100% Natural ingredients, is non-toxic, pH balanced, hypo-allergenic ,and completely clean and safe to use.


Effective hydration is more than just water.

When you drink from our GO2 Life hydrogen-generating water bottle before, during and after your workout you are treating your body to real molecular hydrogen, which is directly available for your cells to use.

One of hydrogen’s major roles is as a powerful antioxidant, neutralising harmful free radicals, cleansing your cells and opening up more of your natural capacity. 

Hydrogen is the smallest element, so it gets everywhere in the body very easily.

We recommend using your bottle three times or more per day.


Steps 1 and 2 prepare your body for step 3, Mineralisation.

Your cells must have sufficient minerals (electrolytes) to thrive. This is vital for everyone, and especially those who do intense or endurance exercise. We lose lots of minerals through sweat.

Our body can’t manufacture minerals so we need to replenish them regularly.

You may think you get enough minerals from food, but our soils are being continually depleted. You can’t even rely on fresh organic food to give you everything you need. And processed food? Let’s not go there!

GO2 Liquid Minerals come from one of the world’s richest shale deposits deep underground. It contains just about all the minerals, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins essential to life.

A key naturally occurring ingredient of our minerals is an amazing molecule called fulvic acid. This is where the magic happens, because fulvic acid fast-tracks the delivery of minerals and nutrients to the cells and is highly beneficial for your body.

GO2 Minerals is especially about recovery. Taken daily, and ideally with your first meal after a workout, your body will utilise the minerals where they are most needed, and over time this will help bring your body back into balance.


Delivered direct to your cells, each step from the game plan works in its own way supporting your performance, recovery and much more.

You’ll still find benefits using them individually, however “Teamwork makes the Dream work” is a saying that could have been invented to describe our GO2 Game Plan – all three of our essential nutritionals working together to help you discover and enjoy your true natural capacity.

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