My 13yr old german shepherd Stella is sadly coming to the end of her life. Stella suffers with
-kidney and liver trouble
-itchy infected eyes
-ear infections
-thrush and other fungal infections inc athletes feet that recently turned into a nasty sore that got infected causing her leg to swell 3 times its size
-chronic arthritis
-hip dysplasia

My dear schoolfriend recommended this product that she uses to cope with her stage 5 candidiasis (which is usually fatal). I contacted the company GO2 Life and have never been treated so kindly by any company anywhere. The treatment called GO2 that is special liquid oxygen came quickly.
Well, within 3 days 2 large cysts burst that were 4yrs old.  Within a week her eyes were bright again and ears clear.  No thrush and she was on her feet again. Going to the toilet by herself.
After 2 weeks her feet were softer and nails no longer brittle and that’s just on the outside.
After 3 weeks she again barks at the postman like a youngster and she ate liver casserole without it affecting her colitis for the first time in 12 years.

I just want to shout from the rooftops about this stuff. IT WORKS!!! Thank you Katie for telling me about this wonderful stuff.