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As we get older it’s natural to want the best possible Quality of Life – for as long as we can. Here is Important Information to help you Enjoy Life as you age.

To really get what GO2 is all about, you need to think of Oxygen as a food. Not just any food, Oxygen is the Most Vital Nutrient you consume. It’s easy to take Oxygen for granted – you just breathe it don’t you? Well it’s not that simple – in fact you only use around a quarter of the Oxygen you breathe and exhale the rest. The critical thing is: how efficiently does your body process and use Oxygen? That efficiency is greatest when we’re in our twenties, then declines naturally as we age. It’s no coincidence that many aspects of our lives also diminish with age. It becomes harder to cope with physical or health challenges or stressful situations.

The Role of Oxygen in Your Body

Every one of the trillions of cells in your body needs to receive adequate Oxygen to function properly and reproduce. Any cells that don’t get enough are going to function poorly, die off, or even mutate.

Oxygen also plays a vital role in all metabolic processes, energy production, blood circulation, the assimilation of nutrients, digestion and the elimination of all waste and toxins. Just about everything good that’s happening in your body only happens thanks to the involvement of Oxygen. Our brains process billions of bits of information each second. Even our abilities to think, feel and act require Oxygen-related energy production. As we age it is SO VITAL to have plenty of Oxygen reaching the brain.

Sufficient Oxygen helps to build and maintain a strong and healthy immune system. Oxygen is your body’s natural protector from organisms such as bacteria and viruses, which are anaerobic, meaning they cannot thrive in an Oxygen-rich environment. Note: Unlike drugs and antibiotics, Oxygen does NOT harm the beneficial (aerobic) bacteria that are essential for good health.


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The Impact of Lifestyle Choices

Many things we consume can overload our metabolic and digestive systems, and demand lots of Oxygen to process. For example:

Heavily processed and junk foods (many containing preservatives, toxins and chemicals) Sugary Drinks, Alcohol and Smoking

To cope with this overload Oxygen is diverted from other uses like energy production, brain function, and immune system support – so lethargy and fatigue naturally occur. This can mean that people don’t have the energy or inclination to do much exercise, which compounds the problem. Fitness experts encourage us to exercise because it stimulates Oxygen flow, enabling the body to burn calories, revitalize and feel great.

Your Living Environment

You’re probably exposed to environmental pollutants and toxins on a daily basis – like car exhaust fumes, passive smoking, pesticides, heavy metals, smog, out-gassed toxins from indoor carpets and furniture. All those chemicals and pollutants rob your body of much-needed oxygen and can clog up & poison your system. Oxygen cleanses the blood, so optimum Oxygen levels in your body help you to efficiently eliminate these wastes.

What Can You Do?

The more Oxygen you can process, the more good things your body can do with it, so if you can feed yourself more Oxygen simply, safely and conveniently, why wouldn’t you? GO2 allows you to oxygenate your body beyond its usual level.

As with most dietary decisions, consistent daily use of GO2 delivers the most rewarding results. The desired outcome is long term Quality of Life, so it’s well worth discovering the benefits of a great Oxygen flow early – and sticking with it. Give Your Body Every Chance… Take Action NOW and Enjoy Life!