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My husband and I love your product – SK, busy mum and CrossFit athlete

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“Thank you for the order of GO2. My husband and I love your product. We run a business, have two young children, we love to keep strong and fit by crossfitting most days. I also part time coach Crossfit as well as coaching my son’s rugby league team. We are a busy family and have found your product to be amazing in more ways than one. Whether it’s in the morning before a busy start to the day, when we are feeling flat or before a heavy workout it’s been terrific.

I have been sick for the last couple of weeks with a nasty chest infection. I found the GO2 helped sooth my sore throat and my cough seemed to settle for a while after taking it (unfortunately I ran out so was only taking it at the start of my cold). I woke up a few days ago with that horrible tingle sensation under my nose and knew right away it was the dreaded cold sore. I applied the GO2 spray and it gave me immediate relief. I continued to apply every time I felt the tingle and I cannot believe after 2 days it has practically disappeared. I just wanted to share my experience of GO2 with you as I am about to make another order and we can’t wait for it to arrive.”

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