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WSU Study GO2 Oxygen 2 August 2019

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A 2019 study on GO2 Oxygen by the Sports Science department at Western Sydney University has revealed some interesting data.  Measuring performance under both sea level and simulated altitude conditions, the average performance improvement was 17% and 5% respectively.  Additionally there was a trend towards a lower tissue saturation index in the altitude trial, potentially meaning there is more oxygen available to the working muscle at that altitude.

Please note that the study describes these findings as a trend, and scientifically inconclusive.  This is due to variability in the data – some participants had spectacular results, others less so.  The participants were ‘recreationally trained’ students, so of course it is impossible to gauge individuals’ commitment during the trial. In hindsight fully trained athletes may have produced a tighter set of figures.  The study recommends further investigation, especially in the area of recovery from exertion.

Here is the study WSU Study GO2 Oxygen 2 August 2019

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