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Case Study: Tony Kofkin, Elite Triathlon Squad Coach

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Two months ago I was invited to have a trial run of GO2.

As a way of background I have been successful at several different sports in my life and raced at the elite level in triathlons in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  I am now the Director of LSDsports elite age group triathlon squad and I am also the Director of Coaching at the Xtreme Triathlon Club.

Over the past few years I had been suffering from various injuries but most recently had been severely affected by severe breathing issues and raised heart rates…being well above normal. This was causing some considerable issues with my own training and I had sought medical advice and was put on a Ventolin pump.

I started the GO2 trial after 3 months of these issues and can report the following personal results:

– I have found that after the initial 2 weeks I stopped using my Ventolin pump as I had no requirement for it anymore.

– My training was becoming a lot more frequent and I was able to be very consistent due to not suffering from extreme fatigue.

– My energy levels are consistently higher. This became especially prevalent as I raised my consumption of GO2, to be both before and after every training session as well as just before bed.

– I was able to hold my “numbers and zones” whilst training with ease.

– Over this 3 month period I have lost 11kgs in weight due to my ability to train consistently and recover quicker between sessions. This is very important as I train between 1-4 sessions per day with total weekly volumes being 15-22 hours. My training is made up of both volume and intensity.

This is all good but as I tell all my athletes, “the numbers never lie”.

Over the last 8 weeks I was stepping up both my intensity and volume leading up to my first race of the season, which is a half ironman.  Five weeks ago I went out for my 24km long run with a view to keeping my heart rate in high zone 3.This was rather than being time/pace specific as I had just come off a 5 hour and very hilly ride the day before.

The great news was I did a 6 minute:15 second PB, stayed in HR zone 3 {HR zone 5 is my Lactic Threshold pace} the entire way and actually my heart beat 1843 beats less than the last time I did a PB for this run which was set 9 months earlier. Since then I have taken a further 2 minutes off this new PB whilst staying in the same HR zone and my swimming and bike riding has also improved dramatically.

It’s pretty basic when we think about it. Our bodies love and thrive on oxygen and as sports people the faster and longer that we can move within our Lactic Thresholds the better we perform. Also during training the faster we can recover the better we can perform in the next prescribed training session.

For me it was also about consistency and not suffering serious fatigue due to ill health etc.

Since starting the GO2 trial I can safely say that I am hooked on the product and the benefits that I have felt. For the record I am not a medical doctor but I am a committed coach and athlete who analyses all my athletes and my numbers and the benefits that I have seen and noticed have been nothing short of amazing.

Tony Kofkin,  CEO,

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