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Denae Brown, 2015 World’s Fittest Mum, CrossFit No 1 Australian Region 2014

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“Always looking for ways to maximise my performance levels I stumbled across GO2, a natural product designed to help optimise the oxygen levels in your body.  I started using GO2 two weeks before the 2014 Schwartz’s Challenge. From the first day I was feeling more alertness and less fatigue, and through the first week found myself hitting some really great results in training.  

I found not only did GO2 give me the boost on endurance workouts it also assisted in my strength performance and aided in recovery after training, including sleeping well.  Heading into Schwartz’s I was feeling awesome and was able to stay consistently strong through all the events to come away with the win.  Stoked with my placings for the five Sunday events – 1,2,2,1,1. 

Using GO2 has in my experience brought out the best in my performances, making it an ideal and unique fitness product.  I use it not only for training, but also during long haul flights and on those days when I would usually feel run down juggling a busy schedule of training as an athlete and being a mum, I find it helps me get through my days with much more clarity and vigor.  I’m a Massive Fan!”

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