If Your Body could easily tap into performance capacity you’re not currently reaching, what could that mean for YOU?

GO2 is a new concept that works differently to energy drinks, sports drinks, supplements and foods. It is a nutritional liquid made from all-natural ingredients, that contains a high concentration of oxygen. GO2 gets more oxygen into your bloodstream, which immediately goes to work helping your body quickly convert the ‘potential’ energy in the food and drink you consume into real energy the body can use for performance. This is extra oxygen you can’t reach just by breathing harder, and this is the aerobic energy capacity you’re not tapping into right now. The Power of GO2 can only be appreciated by experiencing it – GO2 is unlike any other performance product you’re likely to have tried.

Check out athlete and coach testimonials here including:

  • Denae Brown, 2014 Australian Region CrossFit No 1
  • Khan Porter, current Aust/Pacific Region CrossFit No 1
  • Chris Hogan, 2010 Australian Region CrossFit No 1, 3 time World CrossFit Games athlete
  • Amy Dracup, 2011 Australian Region CrossFit No 1
  • Victoria Mitchell, Olympian, current Australian steeplechase champion
  • Andrew Roche, high performance coach and Isle of Man cycling legend, veteran of six Commonwealth Games, most recently in Delhi riding as team-mate to Mark Cavendish.
  • Dave Pell, Australian Road Series Cycling Champion
  • Tony Kofkin, LSDsports CEO and coaching director of LSD’s elite triathlete squad
  • Amelia Phillips, Channel 9’s health & fitness guru & celebrity trainer.
  • Ryan Fraser, personal trainer and owner at Focus Fitness
  • Sensei Ron Richmond, Chief Instructor, Zanshin Shotokan Karate.

GO2 Premium Oxygen Supplement – Supports Optimal Performance & Recovery



Key benefits reported by athletes are: increased power & explosiveness, better endurance, reduced lactic acid, faster recovery between sets & training days, less fatigue, better mental focus.

What could this mean for You?

  • For competitive athletes and teams that may mean career-defining results.
  • For serious gym users, it’s all about more reps & sets and higher intensity workouts.
  • For recreational and general fitness, it means being able to do more for less effort, build fitness faster and enjoy it more.
  • For over 35s, it’s about maintaining high performance levels as we age.
  • For Everyone, it also adds up to spectacular recovery, less fatigue & better sport/work/life balance.