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Hydrogen Bottle 4-pack

GO2 Life’s super-size 550ml Hydrogen-generating water bottle infuses your water with millions of bubbles of hydrogen.

Extra hydrogen is instantly available for your body to use.

Feel the flow & use several times daily for great hydration.



GO2 Life Hydrogen-generating Water Bottle

Simply fill your bottle to 80-90% level with water and press the button to start generating hydrogen.  Your bottle will beep after three minutes to tell you your hydrogen rich water is ready to drink.

Drink as soon as possible after generating the hydrogen. If left for more than an hour, press the button to regenerate hydrogen.

Use your Hydrogen water bottle three times or more daily (no maximum), especially before, during and after exercise.


An overall feeling of improved wellness is usually reported. This ranges from having more energy and sharper mental focus, to improved sleeping. Molecular Hydrogen has proven to be effective in over 2500 clinical trials under a vast range of conditions.
Many people feel improvement almost instantly and for others the difference happens more over hours, days or even weeks. Every person’s body is unique, so it is a very individual process.
Yes, we recommend you continue to take the product as sometimes the changes are subtle and happen over time. Be assured that molecular hydrogen is scavenging the toxic free radicals in your body and helping your body to function optimally.
Yes, the molecular hydrogen produced will cross the blood brain barrier, which helps to alleviate oxidative stress in the brain.
Taking it consistently is the key, because there is cumulative positive effect in the body as the hydrogen dispenses of the build-up of free radicals, freeing your body of toxins.
Molecular hydrogen improves mitochondrial function (the energy centre inside the cell), so happy mitochondria means fatigue sets in less quickly.
Science has recorded zero side effects from ingesting too much hydrogen.
From professional athletes to those who’s health isn’t in the best shape, we have had reports of improvement across the board. Please reference this study on the effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on muscle fatigue caused by acute exercise in elite athletes:

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