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MiOksi Revitalising Oxygen Mist 50ml

MiOksi is mildly saline water containing high levels of Oxygen.  It contains only natural ingredients – no potentially damaging chemicals or compounds.  MiOksi is pH balanced, does NOT contribute free radicals to the skin & is extremely safe to use.  It delivers oxygen directly and simply to your skin tissue for ultra-fresh skin anytime, anywhere.

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How can the Oxygen in MiOksi help my Skin?

Oxygen is vital to the health of skin cells.  As we age, the skin’s natural oxygen levels decrease making it vulnerable to bacteria, dryness and other problems.  Research shows that skin tissue loses around 30% of its oxygen ‘capacity’ by the age of 30 and almost 60% by the age of 40. Oxygen promotes collagen production, helping the skin to maintain elasticity, suppleness and a youthful appearance.

Oxygen is a natural antibacterial minimizing breakouts, acne and blemishes.  It helps protect skin from harsh environmental damage.  MiOksi may be freely sprayed over broken skin and open cuts.

MiOksi is very soothing for irritated areas, such as freshly shaven or waxed skin, or sunburn.

How Should I Use MiOksi on my Skin?

Use MiOksi consistently to obtain best effectiveness.  Spray it directly onto clean skin from about 10cm, then allow it to air dry.

Spray on the face 2-4 times daily for younger looking, younger feeling skin, and to help with any acne or blemish problems.

Spray anywhere on the body 2-4 times daily or as desired to refresh skin or sooth irritated areas.  Continue to apply regularly until no further irritation.

How Soon Should I expect to see Results?

MiOksi rewards those who are consistent and persistent!  Get into the habit of using MiOksi at least twice daily on those areas of skin that you’d like to benefit.  Inconsistency or forgetfulness will delay the desired outcome.  Many users find noticeable improvements within 3-4 days.  Others may require 2-3 weeks.

Don’t be alarmed if you experience a breakout soon after starting to use MiOksi.  This is actually evidence that it has started working to cleanse your skin!  Bringing any blemishes to the surface quickly is part of the process to clearer skin.

MiOksi Ingredients

Di-atomic bio-available oxygen molecules (O2) in a solution of demineralised activated water & hand harvested Atlantic Sea Salt.

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