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Would you like genuinely healthier, younger-looking skin, for just a few cents and a few seconds a day? Of course!

Well, when you use GO2 Oxygen topically you’ll discover why famous faces – like Eva Longoria, Gwen Stefani, Heather Locklear, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Mark Wahlberg, even Princess Kate – spend oodles of money (and their valuable time) on oxygen treatments.

So, Why do these Stars Love Oxygen? – Because it not only makes them look and feel Young, it is the basis for maintaining the skin in a healthy condition!

The great thing is, You can enjoy the benefits of Oxygen for a fraction of the cost and time – whenever & wherever you like! All it takes is a quick, easy spray of GO2 Oxygen two to four times daily – NO expensive, time-consuming treatments and NO potentially harmful chemicals, just natural ingredients.


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Oxygen is essential for a young-looking, radiant, healthy complexion. However the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to dermal tissue naturally declines as we age, causing skin to look dull, lose elasticity, accumulate signs of ageing like fine lines, and become vulnerable to bacteria & other problems. If acne is an issue for you, check out the excellent results of this 50 person trial, which achieved success and satisfaction for EVERY participant (skip to the last two pages for final results). Acne Trial Results

Lifestyle factors that can add to the daily wear and tear on our skin include air pollution, smoking, alcohol and too much sun. GO2 Oxygen replenishes the skin’s lost oxygen at the cellular level, helping to combat the damaging effects of these factors.

How can the Oxygen in GO2 Oxygen help Your Skin?

promotes collagen & elastin production, helping the skin to maintain elasticity, suppleness and a youthful appearance.

very soothing for irritated or damaged areas, such as freshly shaven or waxed skin, or sunburn.

has a natural antibacterial effect, minimizing breakouts and blemishes.

helps protect skin from harsh environmental damage.

GO2 Oxygen may be freely sprayed over broken skin and open cuts.

Many products simply cover up skin problems. GO2 Oxygen is different – it’s all about cleansing, clearing, soothing, replenishing, revitalising and restoring your skin so that it can be at its natural best. Don’t be alarmed if you experience a breakout soon after starting to use it. This is actually evidence that it has started working to cleanse your skin! Bringing any blemishes to the surface quickly is part of the process to clearer skin.

How do You use GO2 Oxygen on your skin?

Simply spray a fine mist 2-4 times daily (or more frequently if you like) onto clean, dry skin from 10-15cm and allow to air dry. To achieve the best benefits it is important to use GO2 Oxygen consistently at least twice a day on all areas of skin where you would like to see improvement. Many users find noticeable enhancements within 3-4 days. Others may require 2-3 weeks. Consistent regular use is the key. More detailed guidelines for use are available here: GO2 Oxygen for Skin Care

Using GO2 Oxygen both orally and topically means you are delivering extra oxygen to your skin from both the outside and the inside. You’ll also have more energy for exercise, which of course is another great way to boost oxygen flow to the skin.

That means you consistently keep your skin well-oxygenated and well-maintained for the long term. Even if you rarely visit salons, if your skin is problematic, or if you think it’s a lost cause, let GO2 Oxygen show you just how good you can look and feel.

Now ANYONE can afford to easily treat their skin to oxygen EVERYDAY. Our GO2 Revitalising Oxygen Spray is available in our shop. When it runs out you can top it up from your larger bottle of GO2 Oxygen or if you have a suitable atomiser (one with no metal touching the contents) create you own. Too easy!