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What an amazing product! – Ann C, Caboolture

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I wish to give a testimonial on the product GO2 Life oxygen.

I have 2 greyhounds and 2 horses. One of my horses has been a little lame since I have had him. (About 1 ½ years now).  He is 6 years old and a heavy horse.

Months ago he started to become very lame.  He had windgalls on his both back legs and was having trouble getting around.  Tests did not show up anything that would cause him so much discomfort.

A friend who does natural solutions said if I can get hold of pure oxygen and give him some that would help him.  I think it was the next day I discovered GO2 Life!  I went onto the website then took it to my friend to see if it was the right product.  He gave it the thumbs up so I ordered 4 250ml bottles and a spray.


My boy (horse) got 25mls a day. Within 2 weeks he was not lame at all. The 3rd week he had it every 2nd day . He has been on it about a month now. He is not the same horse. He now gallops around the paddock. No sign of lameness . Now he wants to play all the time and stands up to the other horse who is a bully.  He has just gone back into work.

My greyhound hurt himself which he does a lot because he likes to scream around the back yard. Because greyhounds have delicate skin it tears very easily.  The skin tends to become like a hole.  I put GO2 Life in the spray on it twice that day and by the end of the day it had closed. He is a slow healer so that was impressive.

I also take the product.  Like many people at this time am going through a bit of a stressful time.  I just love it. It helps me sleep.  I have more energy and I feel well.

I can recommend this product to anyone and any animal.

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