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GO2 Game Plan

GO2 Life – Our Concept: The GO2 Game Plan

The body’s trillions of cells are the foundation of our wellness and performance/recovery capacity. Three of the most vital factors in cellular function are oxygenation, hydration and mineral nourishment.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably aware of mineral supplementation but have never thought of oxygen and hydrogen as nutrients. If so, you would also have no idea of the powerful benefits that can be simply and quickly achieved when you have the best products and use them in the most effective way.

We’ve brought together world class nutrition in each of these categories to ignite and rejuvenate your cells and help your body push past current limits.  We call this our GO2 Game Plan – the essential nutrients your body needs to make the most of its functional capacity.  Whether you’re an elite athlete, a struggling senior, or anywhere in between, you can rely on our  GO2 Game Plan to help bring out your best!

Used individually, each of our products is extremely beneficial. Used together they work as a team to lift your wellness and performance baseline.  All are very highly bio-available at the cellular level, so are super quick and easy for the body to assimilate, helping create a very healthy, high performance/fast recovery environment in the body.  They prime the body to be able to quickly extract and utilize the nutrients from everything else the user consumes.

GO2 Liquid Oxygen is our original product  It’s a water-based liquid that is produced using a proprietary process during which a lot of hydrogen is removed from the water, leaving at least 150,000ppm oxygen within the water (the oxygen is part of the water, not a gas).  In comparison tap water has less than 10ppm. Within a few minutes of consuming a small amount, typically 10-20ml, the oxygen crosses to the bloodstream where it is available for the body to use according to its priorities. This is oxygen, but not as you know it – it is ‘active’ oxygen, much more powerful than the oxygen we breathe, and lasts for your full workout, or well into the busiest day. You’ll feel the extra aerobic capacity and easier recovery.

Situations where people especially report benefits are when they are doing fitness or sport, recovering from exertion, stressed, burnt out, mentally fatigued, sleep deprived, hung over, jetlagged, etc.  And of course as we age our body becomes less and less oxygen-efficient and we slow down – GO2 Oxygen helps combat that decline.

A few quick facts about oxygen: The potential energy in all other nutrition, supplements, energy drinks and bars, etc only becomes usable by the body when it is converted by oxygen. Like gasoline sits in your car’s tank till it gets combined with oxygen in the engine, without oxygen that nutrition would sit in your stomach and you’d go nowhere. Extra oxygen = extra acceleration, power, endurance, etc.  When athletes ‘hit the wall’ their oxygen supply isn’t meeting demand from the muscles, extra oxygen extends performance capacity and defers lactic acid.  Oxygen is essential in the burning of fat, which is carbon and hydrogen intense, converting fat to carbon dioxide and water.

Our large 550ml GO2 Life hydrogen-generating water bottle provides highly effective hydration. That’s because the H2 molecule is the smallest element there is, and it acts as a super anti-oxidant, cleansing and rejuvenating the cells.  So your cells are clear and free to function at their optimum.  Molecular hydrogen as nutrition is also a recent innovation and there’s more and more scientific information coming out regarding performance and health benefits. The best resource on molecular hydrogen information and research is the Molecular Hydrogen Institute.

GO2 Liquid Minerals are 100% natural, plant-derived, organic and again, very highly bio-available to the cells, so they quickly replenish minerals lost during exertion and those we’re not getting from foods grown in depleted soils. (Most mineral supplements contain hard/synthetic minerals which the body has difficulty metabolising and utilising, whereas GO2 Minerals are very easily absorbed).

The harder you push yourself, the bigger and more noticeable an issue mineral depletion can be – compromising recovery and potentially leading to serious performance and health issues.  The body can’t manufacture its own minerals, they have to come from food, drinks and supplements.  GO2 Minerals comprises the full array of 77 minerals plus amino acids.  Nearly 7% of the liquid is naturally-occurring fulvic acid, which is an amazing molecule that has many healthy functions including expediting transport of nutrients and chelation of heavy metals. GO2 Minerals is a great daily supplement for your wellness, and even more vital in the leadup and recovery from high intensity exercise and endurance events.



Champion Athletes & Everyday People Rely on GO2 for Performance, Mental Clarity & Wellbeing