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All Reviews by International Eventers, Showjumpers & Polo Players

“During the last 2 weeks, I have been experimenting with the product on 4 horses (from Pre-Novice to Advanced). I have noticed obvious improvements in the horses’ way of going: – Takes the edge off horses that are uptight making them more able to focus/concentrate – Gives horses more power and stamina across country – Arrive fresher after travelling – Fussy eaters eat up better after.”

“The product is a more effective calmer than any paste or powder we have ever tried. It’s a phenomenal product – the results speak for themselves.”

“I have been using the product on my horses for the past few weeks – I have noticed a difference in their stamina and attitude. At top level showjumping, the smallest of benefits can make the difference between winning and losing, the product will definitely be part of my routine in the future.”

 “The idea of a product being able to help maintain a high supply of oxygen to the horse’s muscles when they are being put under lots of stress, is very exciting. This of course would improve their stamina. As a professional event rider/competitor I am always striving to improve my horses’ performances. I gave the product to (my horse) this year for the cross country phase at Badminton International Horse Trials. His performance was outstanding – going clear and inside the optimum time. I shall continue to use the product again for these types of physically stressful situations.”

“I first purchased the product eight weeks ago and have been using it on two horses. A greater calmness was evident in their schooling and by using the product during their training running up to an event, a better depth of fitness was obvious. I will definitely use the product in the future and will be putting many more horses on it.”

“This is amazing… it is the only calmer i have used on my mare and it actually works. I bred her myself and she is now 13. She is typical mare and can be prone to being tense and spooky which spoils all she is capable of. This calms her down so she is able to work to the best of her ability. You wont believe it until you’ve tried it!”

“After using the product as part of my daily training programme I can say I have noticed a real difference in my training. The extra oxygen has given me more endurance and my normal workouts have felt easier enabling me to push myself harder. The sport of Polo can be very demanding physically and to play at the international level you need to be in great shape. The product has helped me train hard whilst recovering from an injury and it has now become a regular feature in my training programme. The product has not only helped with my training but also made me feel healthier generally and I would recommend anyone who trains and plays hard to give it a go.”

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