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Sunday was an incredibly busy day for me, with 12 guests to consult. This is happening one after another until 6:30pm and usually wipes me out. I am high energy, not many can keep my pace. I space my work as a rule, as I can overdo things, and then I am wiped out. I took 5 ml of GO2 Oxygen in the morning, and 5ml before lunch and at 7pm I wasn’t wiped out. My assistant also took a dose and also experienced similar results.

Barbara O’Neill
Health Director, Lecturer, Author, Nutritionist

Barbara has a true gift of healing. She is a popular national and international health educator, with the ability to make complex health principles simple. With much life experience in caring for children and adults, she is able to understand your particular needs with a caring and confident manner, and educate you in the way to optimum health. Visit her website at

Barbara O’Neill International Health Educator

I have just tried GO2 and I can definitely see its benefits. I tend to get tired of an afternoon and usually find myself reaching for a sugary drink to get me through. I found I got a good burst of energy that lasted me until bed time after adding a small amount of GO2 to my water. Just like magic I felt great again!


When I first heard of GO2 and its effects, I was quite excited.. I’ve tried loads of vitamins and liquids that all profess to put the energy back in your life. Well… Here’s the difference with GO2…. It actually works!

From the first day I started using it, I have felt more energetic than I have in a loooooong time. Since having mr 2.5, and having some weight and health issues, I’ve felt slow and tired, all. the. time. My morning would start at 6:30am getting up with the little one, getting him sorted, then sitting down for my breakfast, and I would literally need 3 strong coffees before feeling like I had energy and motivation to get things done. Sometimes, unless mr 2.5 needed me, I struggled to get moving until 10/10:30am. Life just felt hard.

So when I was lucky enough to have the chance to try GO2, I prayed that I finally found the booster I desperately needed… I wasn’t disappointed! That first day I took the recommended amount as soon as I was up, and everything just rolled from there, I got my son sorted, I had only ONE! coffee that morning, and before it was even finished, I was trying to CONTAIN the energy to move and get things done!! By 10:30am my chores for the day were mostly done and I was thinking about having a second coffee for coffee break instead of motivation. And it’s not stopped since then. Every day has been the same.

I love that it doesn’t feel like I’ve used a booster to give me energy too, it feels natural. I cannot rate GO2 highly enough! It’s given me my life back.


“Thank you for the order of GO2. My husband and I love your product. We run a business, have two young children, we love to keep strong and fit by crossfitting most days. I also part time coach Crossfit as well as coaching my son’s rugby league team. We are a busy family and have found your product to be amazing in more ways than one. Whether it’s in the morning before a busy start to the day, when we are feeling flat or before a heavy workout it’s been terrific.

I have been sick for the last couple of weeks with a nasty chest infection. I found the GO2 helped sooth my sore throat and my cough seemed to settle for a while after taking it (unfortunately I ran out so was only taking it at the start of my cold). I woke up a few days ago with that horrible tingle sensation under my nose and knew right away it was the dreaded cold sore. I applied the GO2 spray and it gave me immediate relief. I continued to apply every time I felt the tingle and I cannot believe after 2 days it has practically disappeared. I just wanted to share my experience of GO2 with you as I am about to make another order and we can’t wait for it to arrive.”

SK Busy Mum and Crossfit Athlete