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GO2 Minerals 250ml 2-pack

25 x 10ml serves in each bottle.

GO2 Liquid Minerals are easy for your body to quickly absorb and use, unlike the metallic minerals in many mineral products.

Fulvic & Humic acids supercharge nutrients and their transport to cells, assisting healthy cell function.

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Suggested Use: Add 10-20ml to a glass of water or your favourite juice.  Take it after a meal, ideally at the same convenient time daily.

Sport/fitness: For fast replenishment of minerals and electrolytes lost during exertion an additional serve of GO2 Minerals may be taken soon after exercise or sport.

If preferred, this product may be added to foods such as stews, soups, smoothies, etc.

Note: The liquid is black and may stain clothing or light surfaces.

Aluminium Europium Molybdenum Sodium
Antimony Fluoride Neodymium Strontium
Barium Gadolinium Nickel Sulphur
Beryllium Gallium Niobium Tantalum
Bromine Germanium Osmium Tellurium
Calcium Gold Palladium Thorium
Carbon Hafnium Phosphorous Thulium
Cerium Holmium Platinum Tin
Caesium Iodine Potassium Titanium
Chloride Iron Praseodymium Vanadium
Chromium Lanthanum Rubidium Ytterbium
Cobalt Magnesium Samarium Yttrium
Copper Cadmium Selenium Zinc
Dysprosium Mercury Silicon Thorium
Erbium Manganese Silver Thulium
Amino Acids
Alanine Arginine Aspartic Acid Cystine
Glutamic Acid Glycine Histidine Isoleucine
Leucine Methionine Phenylalanine Proline
Serine Threonine Tryptophan Tyrosine

PLEASE NOTE: The mercury, aluminium and fluoride in this mineral concentrate are naturally occurring and completely safe and beneficial in micro (trace) amounts. These are organic plant based elements and do not harm your body in any manner whatsoever.


It is an all-natural, completely organic drink, chelated from an ancient deposit of natural organic plant material that’s rich in essential minerals & trace elements. Using the best clean water to leach the minerals and trace elements, our Minerals product has all the life-giving nutrients the human body requires, delivered in a convenient and super potent liquid.
Minerals are required by every organ, gland and muscle in the body to function properly. Over 900 common health problems are directly linked to mineral deficiencies and because the human body cannot produce minerals, it’s important to get them externally. Modern farming methods have seriously depleted the minerals available from plant food sources making supplementation a necessity for good health. In light of the fact that our food supply is nutritionally deficient, supplementation has become a necessity rather than a luxury if we want to maintain good health.
Minerals exist in two forms; as metals and as organic substances. The human body isn’t designed to absorb and use minerals in a metallic form. Organic minerals are metals that have been chelated and have thereby become bioavailable. Minerals are chelated by being dissolved in fulvic acid, which is a part of humic substances. When a mineral is chelated by being dissolved in fulvic acid, the fulvic acid combines with the mineral to form organic mineral complexes that can be used in plant metabolism. Fulvic acid organic mineral complexes pass easily through the semi-permeable cell wall and perform metabolic functions that metallic minerals cannot.
The word chelate means to create a ring-like complex, or in loose terms ‘to grab and bond to’, which means the minerals are absorbed better. Minerals need to be chelated and bound to a protein molecule, to be bioavailable. Mineral assimilation without chelation is only about 10%.
Our mineral supplement contains humic and fulvic acids, which play an important part in healthy metabolism and act as recyclers of metabolic wastes. Soil contains a wealth of organic matter from decomposed plants and animals. A substance known as “humus” is the primary component of that organic matter. As water washes through soil, it washes away the humic acids from the humus in soil. Fulvic acid, a precious component of humic acid, is known as the only element capable of making nutrients bioactive on the cellular level. It is a by-product of plant photosynthesis and is the strongest chelating agent known. Fulvic acids enter into all life processes within plants and animals. They act as free radical scavengers, supply vital electrolytes, enhance and transport nutrients, catalyse enzyme reactions, increase assimilation, chelate macro and trace minerals and enhance electrochemical balance. Fulvic acid is what makes the trace minerals in GO2 Liquid Minerals almost 100% bioavailable.
It is very important as it assists every stage of cellular metabolism and is the most powerful, natural electrolyte known. It restores electrical balance to damaged cells, neutralises toxins and can eliminate food poisoning within minutes. When it encounters free radicals with unpaired positive or negative electrons, it supplies an equal and opposite charge to neutralise the free radical. Fulvic acid acts as a refiner and transporter of organic materials and cell nutrients. In human health and agricultural practices, Fulvic acid is now widely accepted as the missing nutritional link in human health. It has the unique ability to break down toxins and reduce them to a harmless state. It is effective at neutralising a wide range of toxic materials – everything from heavy metals and radioactive waste, to petrochemicals. It also breaks down elemental minerals ideal for human consumption. It’s known that Fulvic acid is readily admitted into living cells and is vital in delivering substantial amounts of nutrients and minerals and their living energies into the cells.
The fulvic acid occurs naturally. It was extracted from an ancient organic humus bed that was living plant matter and contained all of the major and trace elements when these deposits were stored.
The minerals in GO2 Liquid Minerals are highly bioavailable because they have been naturally chelated by the fulvic acid. In contrast, mineral products derived from rock, clay, salt beds or lakes are inorganic because they have never been chelated and reduced to an ionic form. The body can only assimilate about 10% of an inorganic mineral supplement. Also, our minerals are extracted with using pure springwater. This method does not destroy the fulvic acid. Many other mineral preparations are extracted using sulfuric acid, a method which produces a high sulphur, high solid (mostly sulphur), low carbon and low fulvic acid end product. Low carbon and low fulvic acid levels are the prime indicators that a mineral product is inferior.
There are numerous benefits including an increase in energy levels, removal of toxins from your body and restoration of electrochemical balance. Fulvic acid can be of utmost help to someone who is experiencing a lack of energy due to the stress of everyday life, as well as anyone wanting to boost their metabolism.
A refined mineral or metal produced by man should not be confused with a naturally chelated ionic form of aluminium, arsenic, lead, or any trace element derived from plant life. Aluminium is the second most prevalent element on Earth and organic aluminium is in every food we eat. Combined with fulvic acid, organic aluminium forms aluminium silicate, which is harmless to the body. All minerals found in plants are bound to an organic compound composed of amino acids, proteins or acids. Plant form minerals are ionic rather than metallic elements.
When you begin to take fulvic acid, your body might undergo a mild detoxification process that cleanses and revitalises. This is due to the removal of toxin build up as it begins to be flushed out of your body. You may notice loose bowels or minor joint soreness, as pollutants are gradually removed. It is a completely natural and nutritional supplement and as such unused portions are naturally flushed from the body when not required, or if too much has been ingested.
We highly recommend teaming our liquid minerals with our molecular hydrogen and liquid oxygen supplements. The addition of these two products will aid your body enormously in cleansing of all the impurities that have accumulated over time and quickly rebuild your wellness baseline from the cellular level. The oxygen naturally fuels your cells and the hydrogen rebalances your cells and brings you back into homeostasis. All products work seamlessly together at your body's cellular level.
Yes, however as a precautionary measure, pregnant or lactating women are not advised to take GO2 Liquid Minerals unless your health professional has given the all clear.
It’s important to dissolve GO2 Liquid Minerals in water or any other non-carbonated beverage. You may notice darkened stools whilst taking this product and that's completely normal and of no concern.

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