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Sports Power Pack

The Ultimate Energised Lifestyle Pack.

1 x Oxygen 1 litre

1 x Hydrogen bottle

2 x Minerals

A typical month’s supply for any athlete to maximise their performance and recovery capacity!

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We recommend taking our products individually, leaving at least 30 minutes between servings.

GO2 Oxygen


  • 15-30 minutes before exercise/sport (at least 15 minutes before any other pre-workout supplements)
  • Directly after an intense session if desired
  • At half time or 1-2 hourly intervals in competition
  • For endurance sport may be added to water bottle at approx rate of 20mL per 500mL water
  • Take at least once on non-training days to maintain body oxygenation

How much?

  • Up to 60kg bodyweight: 5-10mL
  • 60-80kg: 10-15mL
  • 80kg+: 15-20mL.
  • These amounts are a guide – individuals generally determine the most suitable amount for their needs. For extreme sports up to 30 mL may be taken.


  • For fastest absorption take undiluted and hold in the mouth for 30 secs before consuming.
  • May be added to water or any non-fizzy drink, even coffee as long as it isn’t extremely hot.
  • Best taken on an empty stomach.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight; after opening store in refrigerator or at room temperature.

Molecular Hydrogen


  • Use your Hydrogen water bottle three times or more daily (no maximum), especially before, during and after exercise.


  • Drink as soon as possible after generating the hydrogen. If left for more than an hour, press the button to regenerate hydrogen.

GO2 Minerals


  • With a meal or after a workout.

How much?

  • 10-20mL.


  • Add to a glass of water or any other drink according to taste.

Note: all three products are active in the body as antioxidants. Some people may notice slight ‘detox’ effect when starting to use the products, as they perform this role. In the unlikely event that you experience this, reduce the amounts you are taking until your body gets used to the protocol, then gradually increase to desired amounts.

For larger quantities or to become a reseller please contact us at or 0402 361 255.